What You Must Understand About Italian Marble in India

The lustrous and opulent Italian marble is an ideal rock in any setting. These vivid marbles’ gleaming expanses enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment.

Italian marble’s popularity is warranted. Even renowned artists such as Donatello and Michelangelo used Statuario and Calacatta marble to create enduring works of art. Those who desire nothing less than the most opulent decor choose Italian marble. However, a layperson may be overwhelmed by the variety. Here are the five most popular types of Italian marble:

Five best Italian marbles

If you want the best of the best, take a look at the top five varieties of Italian marble.


The exquisite texture and immaculate finish are two of the most sought-after characteristics of the cherished Italian marble. It is available in both golden and white Statuario, two popular varieties.

Botticino Crema

Elegant and refined, Botticino Crema is a delicate, distinctive marble that produces charmingly transparent surfaces. This beige Italian marble is a preferred flooring material.

Perlato Sicilia

The Italian Perlato Sicilia marble, with its ivory base and delicate darker veins and little occlusions, is ideal for opulent and somber interiors.

Calacatta Vagli

The Calacatta marble is reminiscent of a frozen work of fluid art, with its white and soft gold veins.

Rosso Lavante

The magnificent crimson stone with erratic white veins evokes the picture of a shattered red mirror. This is primarily utilized for decorative or vanity purposes.

Is Italian marble beneficial to health?

Since the marble slabs selected and processed by Rynestone are saturated with a high-quality epoxy resin, Italian marble creates surfaces that are very hygienic. In addition, when properly maintained, the smooth marble surface may repel microbes and germs. Marble against tiles: Which is better for health?

Can Italian marble fracture?

Italian marble is susceptible to scratches due to its softness. Therefore, you should never pull heavy objects across a floor made of Italian marble. Over a considerable amount of time, the highly soft material may acquire visible hairline cracks. However, this can be avoided by proper maintenance. This is also why Italian marble is predominantly used for ornamental purposes, such as on walls, tabletops, and floors with low foot activity.

What is the cost of Italian marble?

Depending on a variety of circumstances, the price per square foot of Italian marble ranges from Rs. 325 and Rs.

Why is Italian marble so costly?

One of the reasons why Italian marble is considered superior is the country’s long history of stoneworking. They were the first to standardize and improve quarrying techniques still in use today. However, there are several types of marble quarried from throughout the world that outperform Italian marble in terms of quality, durability, sheen, and more. This does not imply that location has no effect on the durability and beauty of marble. For instance, marble produced in regions where the limestone contains a high level of impurities will be fragile and brittle.

Does marble from Italy require polishing?

Yes, like all other types of marble, Italian marble must be polished to get a beautiful sheen. After installation, every variety of natural marble needs to be polished.

What type of marble should you choose if not Italian?

Even while Italian marble is still fairly popular, there are now other alternatives that are superior. The popularity of marble extracted from the European and Mediterranean belt (Egypt, Greece, etc.) is increasing. In reality, almost 80% of the marble imported into India currently comes from Egypt. Also, Greece was one of the first places to use marble for the construction of a variety of structures, ranging from little statues to gigantic pillars.

Alternatives to Italian marble for your residence

Victoria Beige is an elegant and dignified Turkish marble used in building. If you want to add texture and personality to a room, Bianco Fusion marble is the perfect option. As its name suggests, Flawless White is an appealing, almost sensual piece of pearly white marble. Red rivulets sculpting gorges in the rich grey rock of Esparada create a beautiful piece of marble for any area. Picasso Grey: Another stunning Turkish marble, Picasso Grey is a beguiling burst of gray and beige. The argument is that the country of origin is largely irrelevant.

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