CKA Certification: All About the Exam and How to Ace It

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) is a special type of certification that ensures its holders have the skills, expertise, and abilities to handle every kind of responsibility at Kubernetes administrators. The CKA certification helps determine a candidate’s competency by which administrators can get high-quality team members onboard their team. This certification is specifically for cloud administrators and IT professionals who manage Kubernetes. 

The exam is mainly conducted to test the candidate’s critical and analytical skills. With the advent of technology, the demand for Kubernetes is also increasing day by day. Hence, administrators are on the lookout for passionate professionals in this field. 

Eligibility for CKA certification 

A CKA certification offers training for Kubernetes cluster administrators. The candidate must be well-versed with Kubernetes and benefit from the learning path, to be eligible for this certification. This online training is a perfect fit for software developers, cloud administrators, system administrators, software engineers, and Linux administrators. 

What are the pre-requisites of CKA certification? 

One can take up this examination irrespective of the educational qualifications, but this examination is particularly difficult for those with no working experience with Kubernetes. 

The pre-requisites for this examination are:

  • Container Runtime: Knowing Docker, the best-known container runtime, can be more than sufficient.
  • Linux: AS a candidate, your knowledge about Linux and your ability to navigate and perform various operations is a must. 
  • YAML: As YAML is used to generate Kubernetes resources, it is mandatory to have a strong command over this.
  • VIM: Unless you use Nano, you need not gain expertise in this particular task. 

To pass the examination and receive the certificate, you need to secure 66% after solving the tasks for two hours. 

What is the importance of this certification?

People in the technology industry have various opinions about certification in general. Many think certification doesn’t matter as long as you have the knowledge and skill to perform a particular task. On the other hand, certification is an opportunity through which your knowledge can be tested, and your skills can be evaluated. The CKA certification proves your intellect and aptitude. 

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

The product of any cloud native computing foundation is CKA, launched in collaboration with Linux Foundation. This exam comprises five modules: architecture, networking, troubleshooting, storage, and service networking. Certified individuals demonstrate both the skills and proficiency to perform all the responsibilities involved in the process. You can only perform well when you have done the Kubernetes training with utmost patience and diligence. 

How to register for the CKA examination?

You have to pay around $300 as a Kubernetes certification cost to be eligible to appear in this exam. The candidate can give the exam within 12 months and also take a free take if they are unable to secure the qualifying marks, provided that they haven’t been rejected on any other grounds. 

Tips to ace the CKA certification exam

There are plenty of tricks to get Kubernetes certification, but you need to know how to make the best use of them. You must be confident with regard to the Kubect1 command and clearly understand what makes clusters, how they interact with each other, and the role of each component when it comes to fixing issues. Aliases are used during the exam effectively and efficiently.

If you find any difficult questions, instead of wasting all your time on them, make sure you move on to the next question. Attempt to solve the easy questions, score as much as possible, and then move to the difficult ones. You can even reuse the same YAML for different questions. Don’t try to memorize any concept. Rather, read the documentation and attempt all the questions to obtain CKA certification. 


This was all about the Kubernetes exam required to secure a CKA certification. You need to put in hard work and gain all the required knowledge to be certified as a Kubernetes administrator. In most cases, a certified Kubernetes administrator easily vouches for the fact that an engineer can design, configure and perform all the required functions related to Kubernetes. It’s an age of upskilling, so take up the Kubernetes certification training to open new doors for your career.

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