Best Villains of the MCU till Date

What’s the point of having a hero when there is no villain in the story? After all, villains give meaning to all the qualities a hero possesses. Imagine how boring it will be if there is nothing to stop a positive force from doing something good – it will all seem something more like a fairytale. In fact, sometimes even fairytales have a character who makes things difficult and adverse. A worthy opponent or adversary allows the hero in the story to have a setback and rise up again. 

The MCU has created some really cool and next-level villains who either seek revenge, control of the universe, or want to prove themselves or their ideas in their ‘so-called’ perfect ways. You can watch many of these villains in movies using Cable TV and internet services by Buy TV Internet Phone. It can turn out to be the best platform when it comes to looking for the most suitable services for your home. 

Here is a list of some really awesome villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of all times.


Magneto who is also known as Erik Lensherr is one of the bad guys among all mutants and the founder of the “Brotherhood of Mutants” who always had a bone of contention with the X-Men. He was once a friend of Professor Charles Xavier and a founding member of the X-Men when he was saved by Professor Charles Xavier.

Magneto was in pursuit of Shaw’s submarine and almost lost his life in anger and blind vengeance. He wears a helmet that could resist telepathy and mind-reading by Professor Charles Xavier or any other telepath. Also, he is of the vision that there is a war coming between humans and the mutants and they cannot live together. Surprisingly, Magneto is always on a mission to excommunicate different new mutants he finds. Most of his followers included Mystique, Azazel, Juggernaut, Toad, Sabertooth, and others.


The Marvel Universe is full of criminal masterminds who control all the criminal activities in the city. We are talking about Daredevil’s Kingpin who is also known as Wilson Fisk. 

Wilson Fisk is one of the most powerful crime lords in the world who is determined to prove his might every time. His money and resources make him an untouchable entity for law enforcement agencies and politicians. He also has his own army of thugs and hired guns to make his regime invincible. Wilson Fisk has been able to overpower Marvel heroes including Spider-Man and the Daredevil, etc.


Ultron or Junior (the name given to Ultron by Tony Stark) was an AI-based Peacekeeping Program created by Tony Stark by decrypting the code from the Mind Stone from Loki’s Scepter. Tony and Bruce Banner retooled it to protect the Earth from all kinds of future threats posed by any extraterrestrial and domestic entities.

Ultron possessed different host bodies and took them under his control and a variant of Stark’s personality. Ultron considered humanity as one of the biggest threats to peace and life on Earth and attempted to start a genocide against mankind. Ultron was abandoned by his allies and later on got destroyed by Vision leaving the public perspective of the Avengers in a new direction. This further led to one of the creations of the most important events in the MCU including the creation of the Sokovia Accords.  


Galactus was a humanoid entity named Galan who was born on the planet named Taa which was a paradise-like word with the most advanced civilization in the universe. After the Big Bang when the whole universe collapsed into a “Cosmic Egg”, Taa’s civilization survived. 

Galan was a space explorer who was on a mission to find the means to save Taa, however, it all went in vain. The planet got destroyed along with a major part of Taa’s population. Galan proposed to the survivors that in order to die a death of glory, they should pilot one of the starships right into the core of the Cosmic Egg. The passengers got killed but Galan survived and found himself filled out with new energy. 


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that MCU has the most iconic supervillains ever like Sabertooth, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Doctor Von Doom, Sandman, Abomination, Vulture, and Lizard, and more. MCU is always thankful for Stan Lee to provide the audience with so many amazing movies, characters, and Marvel Comics. 

Recently, MCU released Morbius which was released on April 1, 2022 – it grossed around $131 million. You can watch the movie’s trailer on YouTube. 

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