7 Reasons it is Important to Have Your ABP Board Certification

The Accreditation Board for Professional Psychology is the major organization that governs the professional practice of psychology in the United States. They offer several benefits to those certified, one of which is ABP Board Certification. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Good Jobs         

Certified professionals have an excellent chance at career advancement in their field and better opportunities overall than those without certification. Nearly all positions requiring a license or state permit require ABP certifications; 8 out of 10 clinical psychologists who list their credentials report having them on their resume!

2. Business Opportunities

All employers are required to employ only licensed, certified professionals. That means that in some states, you can only employ a psychologist who has ABP Board certification! The advantages of Board Certifications include the following: – No more “looking over your shoulder” for any unlicensed professionals who might be taking your place. – A more comprehensive range of career options. This makes it easier to find work in new settings and new locations. – Better opportunities for promotions and a better fit with job requirements. – Better job prospects and a more competitive resume. – A better chance of remaining employed. – Less stress because you know that you have done everything possible to maintain your professional standing and avoid criticism from clients, colleagues, or supervisors.

3. Better Pay

Certified professionals are typically paid an average of 6% more than their counterparts without certification. Plus, they can earn bonuses, often significant ones! While certified professionals may not always make more than those without a diploma, they prefer being paid in a bonus structure rather than receiving flat hourly rates. 83% of employers prefer to pay bonuses to those with ABP Board certification.

4. Development Opportunities

Certified professionals gain a wide array of development opportunities from the ABP Board Certification program, perhaps the most important being professional growth, which includes research and continuing education in various areas. Over 80% of ABP-certified psychologists and psychotherapists report taking advantage of continuing education courses offered by ABP. That speaks volumes about how much these professionals value their board certification now and in the future! The Peds Moca assessment program for counselors allows for significant growth and development, as does the ABP certification course.

5. Better Employment Protection

The ABP Board program provides certified professionals with excellent protection against discrimination and employment problems in the event of a layoff or termination. This means that your job security is much greater than it would be without certification, which means that you are more likely to continue working and make good money doing what you love! In addition, there is an increasing trend in today’s economy for employers to seek certification to provide their employees with even more “job security.” With a Board Certification, certified professionals are afforded even more job protection; nearly 2 out of 3 employers strongly prefer certified professionals over those without certification.

6. Better Mental Health

Certified professionals are offered positions that often require them to regularly be in the public eye. That can be very stressful, as they may have to interact with people who are angry, frustrated, or anxious in some way. This can be very difficult to deal with, and the person involved may get a poor reputation if they become known for losing their cool. It’s important to note that from a mental health standpoint, certified professionals are far better off than those without certification. The effects of being unaccredited are severe and can even cause an employee to leave the field altogether! This is because some clients will know that you do not have professional certification, and they might not be able to trust you or feel comfortable working with you in other ways.

7. Greater Job Security

Certified professionals rarely change occupations because their certification does not apply in other industries or settings. They can be confident that they will always have a secure job and will not face threats to their professional standing. And while many unaccredited people feel like they are at the mercy of others, this is not the case. Certified professionals have achieved higher levels of professional knowledge and expertise, which means that they will unlikely lose a job in the future for any reason other than poor performance or misconduct. When you go through the certification process with ABP Board Certification, you know that you have done everything possible to maintain your integrity as a psychologist!


There are many benefits to having your ABP Board Certification. You will get into better jobs and business opportunities, be paid more, enjoy a better working environment, and gain excellent mental health.

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