How To Make A Barrel In Minecraft? Methods For Making Barrels In Minecraft


Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang, a company partially owned by Microsoft. It was publicly released for the PC on May 17, 2009, as a developmental alpha version and, after gradual updates, was published as a full release version on November 18, 2011. A version for Android was released a month earlier on October 7, and an iOS version was released on November 17, 2011. On May 9th; 2012;the game was released on Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Arcade game with longer update cycle than the PC versions but still having all features like multiplayer over Xbox Live.

What is barrel in Minecraft?

A minecraft barrel is an item added to the game by TU12 update. Barrels can be used to carry fluids and other items, and if broken will release any contained fluid or drop their content as a block. The capacity of a single barrel depends on its type: 32 blocks for wooden, 12 for acacia, 12 for spruce, 12 for birch, 8 for cobblestone. You can stack barrels up to 16000 units high. Iron barrels are just another upgrade of regular barrels with bigger capacity of 4096 individual stack-able items inside it.

Types of barrel

There are three different types of wood barrels, Birch Wood Barrel, Spruce Wood Barrel and Regular Wood Barrel. All three have exactly one item slot and can be used to carry water or milk.

How to make barrel in Minecraft?

The information is given step by step on how to make a barrel in minecraft.

  • First, mining iron ore is important for making barrels because at least 1 iron ingot is needed for making 1 barrel.
  • Second, crafting tables are needed whiles crafting your barrel because an anvil will not work.
  • Third, there are three types of barrels; wooden white-stained oak filled, wooden light-stained pine filled, and wooden dark-stained oak filled.
  • Fourth, crafting tables are needed when deep mining in order to craft a furnace in order to smelt the iron ingot you got from your mine.
  • Fifth, when making barrels you will need at least one glass bottle because when filling your barrel with water or lava it is best to use glass bottles because they can’t be picked up by the player but only crafted back into bottles.

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Crafting tables                                       

Crafting Table is an important item in Minecraft, we need it if we want to craft anything else such as tools and weapons. The crafting table’s recipe requires three wood planks and one stick as raw material to make one crafting table like this:

  • Wooden planks x3 (bottom row) + stick (center) = workbench (top middle)
  • Wooden planks x1 (left) + stick (right) = wooden axe (bottom left)
  • Wooden planks x1 (top) + stick (bottom) = wooden shovel (top right).

If we want to craft a pickaxe as it is an important Mine craft tool, we need three stone blocks and two sticks as raw materials. We then put those into the interface as shown below:

  • Stone block x3 (middle row) + 2 stick (center and bottom) = pickaxe (center and top).

Get yourself some torches and line at least four of them up on any surface of dirt or grass. This is useful for you to avoid monsters at night time. You can stack one torch over another if needed. However, make sure that you don’t come near to mobs as they will attack you if you are too close. To create a furnace, we need eight cobblestone blocks as shown below:

  • Cobblestone block x8 = furnace (left).

Chests allow us to store items and other things in it. You can create a chest using six wood planks and three wooden sticks as shown below:

  • Wooden planks + wooden stick x3 (bottom row) = chest (top middle).

Wood Planks can be obtained by cutting down trees or mining them from dirt or sand blocks.

How barrels are used in minecraft?

A barrel functions as a single inventory slot but can hold many stacks of items at once (conveniently 64). Rather than having to place each item you want to store into the world space around your crafting table, simply craft the barrel out of 3 wood planks.

Once crafted, right click on any block adjacent to where you placed your crafting table that has air above it (they will not function if they are only adjacent to the crafting table itself). The barrel will pop off of the crafting grid and into that location, acting as a chest. One thing to note is that unlike chests, you cannot place red stone to next barrel, however this also means it cannot be burned by lava or destroyed by creeper explosions.

You can have many of these rights next to each other, but they will not stack. This makes them almost identical to chests in functionality, so there is no reason why you would need more than one of them since chests are stackable. Right-click on your barrel again to open up its interface where you can see what’s inside it and takes items out of it. Two barrels placed on top of each other. You can open either one using the same method.

You can also place a barrel inside another (of the same type), and these too will stack. For example, if you had three empty barrels and found that your house is running out of space for all of those wheat that you need to make bread, simply craft two more and then place one down on top of the ground where it would normally pop off as usual, but this time click on the bottom barrel to pick it back up so it pops off again. Place this barrel on top of the first one so they are stacked vertically. This time when you right click on them at least one should be opened from top to bottom, allowing you to access the contents of both.


Make sure you have enough wood now that you know how to craft and use a barrel in Minecraft. A crafting barrel is a great storage source in Minecraft, and it may better fit the look of your house than a chest.

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