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Top 10 Steps To Mobile App Redesign For Market Domination

App requires Redesign because App’s business metrics become outdated it is a much more important decision for a businessman to take to maintain numbers in business but there are so many options too on the table:-

  • App Redesign
  • Rebuild Software
  • Discard the App

App Redesign is one of the best options but App Redesign is no joke. Redesigning an app has many layers and aspects that must be considered, mostly Redesigning an App looks like a last-minute solution to avoid the crisis that ought to fall on the company.

Mobile Application Redesign is often recommended for various reasons either pre-planned or not. One of the major reasons is Mobile apps fade away after some time due to the launch of various Similar Apps with advanced features which encourages businessmen to redesign their existing Apps.

iTechnolabs is a trusted iOS app development company that has dedicated professionals who have undeniable experience in iOS. We provide a variety of customized iOS application development services that help companies and assist them in turning their concepts into reality.

Before Redesigning the App you should know various reasons for App redesign.

  1. Outdated Layout:-Designs changes constantly which makes the program of the App outdated to attract customers. we have definitely worked on the layout of the App.
  2. Outdated Metrics:- If the design of an App seems alright then we have to analyze the deeper through various analytics applications. such as google analytics, mixpanel, or firebase.
  • Retention:- User Retention is an indicator of how many people are engaged in your App over some period of time. If your retention is low, then consider tweaking your App’s design with stickiness principles.
  • Adoption:- Adoption is a metric that tells you about no of users using your after using. it for the first time. Bad adoption shows that App has numerous issues like Technical issues and Non-Design Related issues.
  • Conversion:- If users are not buying the premium version of your App it is due to poor UX. If you won’t be able to find out why this is happening. without any valid reason then you might have to Redesign your App.

There are many other metrics to it depending on your product and industry.

  1. Pivots:- Being Responsive to external and internal changes in the Market and Business is called Pivoting. From time to time business climate changes which leads to new data always making changes according to the environment depending on how drastic changes are which leads to Redesigning of App.
  2. Rebranding:- Rebranding does not involve any structural changes in user flows but might affect sometime so. it’s probably the least reason to redesign an App.
  3. Changes In Users Flows and UX:- There are two major reasons when you need redesigning in your App when user flow remains constant or starts reducing and the design and feature of your App become outdated. Redesigning an App will definitely work to increase users.

There are also various factors like user feedback, differentiation from competition or you designed your App without a proper UX process which affect the function of an App and lead to Redesigning of a Mobile App.

Redesigning an App is a tricky process to understand but you should not need to wait for a crisis to redesign your App, on the other side you cannot just randomly decide one day to Redesign so consider the above-mentioned factors in mind before redesigning your App.

How To Redesign Your App?

Now we understand when to redesign your App and if you decided to Redesign your App we will provide step-by-step guidance that you can use to Redesign your App:-

  1. Identify The Purpose of Redesigning Your Mobile App:- It is very important to have a clear purpose for why you need to redesign your App. There is some consideration to be kept in mind for App Redesign purpose which is:-
  • Business Rebranding:- If you want your business Rebranding you must redesign your Mobile App. You have to be consistent with your target audience so that they will be able to recognize your App and brand and use it and also must focus on spreading awareness among consumers about your App.
  • Consumer Dissatisfaction:- If users are constantly dissatisfied with your App it is a piece of clear evidence. that something is not good with your App which makes them feel like this can be found easily by your App rating in Google Play Store or Apple Store. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to Redesign an App.
  • Redesigning an Obsolete App:- Due to many reasons, users become skeptical about downloading your App. An old App is one of the reasons you should focus on Redesigning.
  • Create New Target Audience:- One of the Reasons to Redesign the App is to target a new Audience or engage your older audience with some additional features and functions.
  1. Ask App User For Their Feedback:- Since you already have a pre-launched App on the Google App Store or Apple Store you can check ratings. comments, and metrics of your App so that you are able to know the general perception of your App. You can also poll inside your App, get feedback through the mail and incorporate this feedback in your App. by Redesigning the App.
  2. Observe Your Competitors:- Never underestimate your competitors and. ignore the possibility that your competitors have the capacity to solve the problem existing in the Market. So always go through their App note Important functions. and features of their App which make their App perfect for the Market and try to incorporate them into your App too.
  3. Diagnose Problematic Area:- Actively find various areas which makes your App problematic like:- Constantly Cyberattacks, Various bugs on your App, Outdated Design, Content Outdated, etc you can narrowly point out area which requires work then quest to redesign your App which gives a boost to your existing App.
  4. Focus on Priority Function of Apps:- Many Apps fail because they don’t protrude and properly organize the user interface. The two challenges users may face with App Design: Screen Size and the inability to access App’s core function. So you should try sending some push notifications to a user or you can directly survey the user by polling. by asking about important features of the App. Then try to eliminate that feature that might be useless to customers and Redesign the App with updated features.
  5. Create Wireframes:- Wireframes are the sketches you roughly made with ink on paper in your mind when you decide to Redesign the App and. share it with project collaborators keeping in mind while sharing the foundation of a renewed App by showing improvement in the existing App. The idea must be practical and clinical in nature and highlight newly adopted features and functions.
  6. Reverse Your Previous App Design Elements:- Always reuse features of the previous App it will not only reduce the overall cost of App Redesigning. and also helps to preserve the core function of App which will always make users feel connected to the newly designed App.
  7. Be Open To Further Change:- In the process of Redesigning App. you should always be open to further change in your and listen to the great suggestion of your team and try to implement which not only gives a better outlook to App. but also encourages the motivation of your team.
  8. Test Your Redesign App:- It is always a good idea to first launch a prototype of your newly Redesigned App. Test it with your existing customer, ask for their feedback and try to inculcate their suggestion in your App. After that, launch it on Google App Store or Apple Store and do extensive marketing to promote your App.
  9.  Remarketing Your App:- Introduce the Redesign version of your App. in the Market like you are launching a New App in a Market through SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.

App Redesign Practices:- Some of the Best App Redesign Practices that will help you plan. understand, and deploy are effective App redesign solutions for your App. Some of the best App Redesigning Apps are:-

  • Analytical Tools:- Use various Analytical tools for studying your App stats. and monitoring App function to improve the overall performance of your App. You can use Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, and Facebook Analytics tools for doing Analytics.
  • Create User Journey Maps:- User is your king. You must understand your customer before Redesigning your App by tracking what your users prefer, what is the demand of the Market etc. Your App should be multipurpose to fulfill the user’s demands.
  • Implement Changes to Your App Gradually:- You should not change the overall App overnight it will not. be digested by users easily. So, gradually update your change so that it does not make users uncomfortable.

So far we have understood tricks to redesign. your App with efficiency and to increase the users of the App by following the above instruction your problem will definitely reduce. For more updates follow us.

If You want to redesign your app, then you can Contact to iTechnolabs. An iOS App development Company in the USA

iTechnolabs is a trusted iOS app development company that has dedicated professionals who have undeniable experience in iOS. We provide a variety of customized mobile app development services that help companies and assist them in turning their concepts into reality.

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