Things to Keep In Mind While Opening a Phone Repair Store?

Phone repair stores are opening everywhere. The market is saturated. Newcomers don’t find opening a cell phone repair center lucrative enough. But there are many ways to succeed in the cell phone repair business. Either new shop owners of cell phone repair centers don’t know about it, or they don’t consider it important enough. But these common mistakes make or break a business. By not correcting these errors, the shop owners stay in a continuous cycle of minimum revenues, losing the chance of making million-dollar sales now and then. Let’s have a look at what these mistakes are

Common mistakes made by owners of the Phone repair store

1.The pricing of a repair is too high.

Many expert technicians are charging exuberant prices for simple repairs. These shop owners are charging over $200 for simple repairs, which is ridiculous, but is it contributing to more significant revenues is the question. Even after charging $30 for a single repair, you can earn more than the cell phone repair business owners. How? Let’s have a look.

Pricing a repair right at a cell phone repair center is the most important thing. Pricing should depend on the expertise required for problem-solving and the time needed to solve the problem. With proper pricing, there will be an increased number of customers that will also buy add-ons or other accessories. Thus, you may be earning low for the repair, but with increased purchases in accessories and add, your total revenue will increase. 

So, remember, greater footfall always results in more significant revenue at a phone repair store. So do you want three customers or 30? The pricing of your service will determine it all.

2. Don’t overcharge the customers.

Don’t overcharge a customer even if your cell phone repair store is not doing well in revenue. Instead, charge him a regular amount to become a regular customer in the long run. As in a highly competitive market, chances are that the customer won’t return. Many business owners don’t focus on keeping big profit margins. Instead, they focus on bringing more footfall to the phone repair store.

3.Correct your end goal!

Many owners of newly opened cell phone repair stores in Murfreesboro’s primary goal is to meet their ends. They focus on the fact that they should be able to pay the rent and bills at the end of the day. Agreed! That is important, but the approach is wrong. The owners of a cell phone repair store should focus on making their customers happy, giving them a good experience in the end. This will increase the footfall, and you will be able to generate customers’ lifetime value rather than earning one-time profit.

4. Phone repair store owners don’t consider customers as an essential aspect of business

Metaphorically speaking, customers are God!!! The sales team should be focused on how to make the customers happy. As a simple equation is a key to success in any business. that is

Happy customers>greater footfall> increased overall profit.

5. Dream big! And forget instant ramifications

Dream big. Have a three-year or a five-year plan, build the brand name, increase both online and in-store presence and reinvest your profits. Don’t rush off to buy a Lamborghini as soon as you get some profits. Instead, focus on making your phone repair store much better. Focus on employee growth and other factors that can give you a competitive edge over others.

So, by avoiding these mistakes, you can easily climb the ladder of success and mark your name in the phone repair store industry like SD Cell Plus.

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