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Did you know? Americans use computers for 142.5 minutes each day (excluding work hours). Our everyday tasks, managing home budgeting, and maintaining contact with family and friends all depend on our computers. It’s one of the crucial things we use and rely on every day, and if it’s not doing well as it should, it can reduce our productivity and boost our stress. In this blog, we are sharing a few reasons why choosing an iPhone repair store in Fayetteville, NC for custom computer building for your next PC is preferable to buying one off the shelf.

No, you did not read wrong! In Downtown Fayetteville, NC, many computer repair specialists offer their services at some of the best phone repair shops. These stores gain a competitive advantage in the market by providing their customers with various repair, custom-building, and modification services for different devices, including computers!

Reasons to Choose Phone and iPad Repair Stores for Custom Computer Building

Many reputable and reliable phone and iPad repair stores also provide excellent computer services! Hence, they have a team of specialized and highly skilled experts dealing with different devices on one platform. You don’t have to roam around the area to avail yourself of various services. Their certified and experienced computer specialists can acquire the components to your exact specifications and fit them together however you choose. Or, if you are unsure about the specifics, they can also assist you.

Reasons to Get Computer Services at Best Phone Repair Stores in North Carolina

Better Warranties

Custom-built computers often receive a guarantee that includes everything within the system for one to two years. However, suppose you have a PC pro and buy the components separately. In that case, you can benefit from receiving the warranty for every part, which typically covers longer durations.

Get the Features You Want

Do you require a more powerful graphics card than what comes with basic PCs since you work with graphics? You may also not need a huge-capacity hard drive if you are using cloud storage.

Whatever your system requirements are, computer specialists meet them and create a PC with the precise functions you want, preventing you from having to settle for something that lacks some features you’d prefer or paying for ones you don’t require.

Additionally, you won’t need to purchase a computer often because it won’t be a good fit for your job.

Flexibility for Upgrades

Cheap or budget-friendly computers have a reputation for being more difficult to modify and upgrade. Manufacturers limit features like RAM upgrades because they aim to sell as many PCs as possible, making it more difficult to upgrade your computer when you want to.

Whether you wish to quadruple your memory capacity or enhance graphics performance, a custom-built computer can be easily upgradeable in the future.

Save Money

Some users might believe that having a PC customized is more expensive than purchasing a similar model directly from the manufacturer. Still, in most situations, you spend less for a better system.

This happens because users frequently pay for the brand when they buy off-the-shelf, while custom building allows you to have more options in components. For example, a part from a smaller brand could be cheaper and equally as powerful as or better than one from a well-known brand.

Better-Quality Components

In custom-building, you are not obliged to use a specific mix of hardware, some of which might be of lesser quality than you like.

Furthermore, some manufacturers have agreements with specific PC component suppliers, limiting your options for such graphics cards, processors, and other parts.

With a custom-built pc, you may have each component selected for quality and efficiency to ensure that you receive a better PC that works better and lasts longer.

Visit the Nearest Phone and iPad Repair Store in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to cell phone repair stores like Quack Quack Phone Repair, located in Downtown Fayetteville. Most of them provide various repair services and have designated specialists for each. Their computer specialists are known for custom-building computers among people! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to custom-build a PC?

The system assembling will take a computer specialist between 40-60 minutes for a simple build. It will take a beginner or unskilled PC builder approximately three to five hours, assuming that every step is carefully followed and there are no problems.

What is the cost of a gaming setup?

You could invest roughly $860 to $1,300 for the basic gaming PC. However, you may spend about $2000 if you want to play games at sixty frames per second on their highest settings.

What is the pay for custom-building computers?

The average annual salary for a Computer Builder in the US is approximately $38,802 as of August 21, 2022. That comes out to roughly $18.65 per hour. This is the same as $745 every week or $3,231 per month.

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