Packing Guide for A Weekend Camping Trip

Camping’s popularity has been on the rise since 2020. Nearly 94 million individuals and families considered themselves campers. You may want to join them over the next few months to get your feet wet. Here’s a guide on what you need to pack for an initial weekend excursion.

Determine the Camping Type

The first thing to do is determine what form you want it to take. Experienced campers already have the needed supplies for a weekend trip. However, if you’re a first-time adventurer, you probably don’t want to start your experience deep in the backcountry.

Consider nearby campsites to get a feel for it. For a small fee, you can reserve a spot near amenities like bathrooms, drinking water, and outdoor cooking areas. On the other hand, if you consider Fontainebleau State Park glamping rent a Recreational Vehicle (RV) for the weekend. These offer the comforts of home with hookups for sewer, water, and electricity.


A tent is your living room and bedroom for a weekend camping trip. It must be comfortable, even if you only use it for two or three days. Also, its return on investment should be good enough to use the tent multiple times.

Shop for tents with multiple doors. Two is ideal as it stops someone from climbing over you while you sleep. Ensure it has enough windows for proper ventilation, and they can be “closed” during cold nights or inclement weather. Also, check the number of storage pockets to create a less-cluttered interior space.

An option to consider for your tent is an awning. The multi-purpose covering features several advantages. For instance, use it to keep rain, wind, and sun from the entrance. When it’s nice, release the awning to sit under it with camp chairs.

Sleeping Bags and Pads

Sleeping under the stars is a highlight of weekend camping trips. When you leave the city, the sky lights up with an amazing display of stars. Yet, it can get awfully cold and uncomfortable, even during the summer.

Choose a sleeping bag that keeps you warm as the nighttime temperatures drop. Look for a designation on its packaging that describes how protective it is in cold weather. Normally, the temperature ranges from 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

A suitable pad is also required to avoid rocks and branches that could make sleep impossible. Select foam versions that are an inch high or more. Additionally, look at self-inflating air mattresses as an alternative for an extra amount of comfort.

Don’t forget a camp pillow because the sleeping bag’s hood may not work for you. Shop for inflatable models that are easily stored.

Flashlights and Lanterns

You’ll need flashlights and lanterns even if the night is clear. Their use goes beyond locating your tent or sleeping bag. They help you on night hikes and in games like flashlight tag.

Purchase flashlights with a powerful beam to see far ahead. Select lanterns with optional brightness settings. Plus, don’t forget extra batteries to keep them powered during the trip.

Camp Table and Chairs

A camp table set prevents you from eating your meals on the ground. On top of this, it’s used for conversations and to play games. So, look for a multipurpose set that easily folds for quick storage.

Food and Water

Don’t forget the food on a weekend camping trip. Search for recipes you can make on a fire or camp stove. Make sure to pack meats and other perishable items in airtight containers. The practice prevents spoilage and minimizes their smell from attracting forest animals.

Consider energy-packed snacks for your trip since they offer a power boost on hikes and other activities. Trail mix, protein & granola bars, and beef or turkey jerky are good examples. Like above, place them in protective packages before you leave.

Water is extremely important on your camping excursion for drinking and washing. Buy gallon containers and label them for their purposes. Additionally, use insulated bottles to keep drinking water cold.

Overall, don’t rush to purchase these items before a weekend camping trip. You’re bound to forget something and probably won’t be near a supermarket. Create a list and check each item off to guarantee it’s ready for the trip.

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