What Is Ouji Fashion? Interesting Facts About Ouji Fashion


A prince wears clothes that could be called “Ouji fashion” because of the clothing’s slender silhouette and femininity, but also includes male gender symbols.

What is Ouji?

There are also masculine counterparts to the ouji fashion style, which originates mainly in Japan. Many people consider it a sub-style, but that’s wrong. It’s the main style. This is a complete fashion package with different elements that make a person more appealing.

Based on the accuracy of Ouji Fashion, we can say that it is a brother style of Lolita Fashion, or one can tell the prince to the prince of Lolita Fashion. This Japanese word defines a prince.

Design of ouji fashion

The design of Ouji items generally does not have complex styles or patterns. They usually go with a calm black or deep color, frequently use lace, ribbons, shiny fabrics and embroidery. The style is often compared to Lolita in terms of the mixed gender aspects, but they are quite different when it comes to actual designs.

What sets ouji apart from other alternative fashion styles is the combination of men’s outfits with frilly plain colors rather than juvenile prints for their dresses and skirts. Male models typically pose in pictures wearing girlish clothing while smiling sweetly. Oujis draw inspiration from classical princes, so it is natural for them to hold prince like characteristics. They are gentle but strong willed. Some Ouji even act more effeminately than most women themselves.

Ouji models

Since ouji’s models are usually men, many people say that it is a brand targeted at women. However, the truth is that its main customers are homosexual men and cross dressers who wish to look like pretty boys.

From where ouji fashion is originated?

The term “Ouji” was not coined in Japan originally. It was used in Japanese internet forum, back when clothes similar to Lolita fashion were gaining popularity among young girls. The word soon spread, and now the term “Ouji” is understood to mean a male Lolita of sorts. In Japan, there has been a great increase of homosexual men purchasing clothes from oujis. In any case, Ouji fashion does not have so many followers as Lolita fashion does amongst girls, but it still holds a special place in some on lookers’ hearts.

Elements which include ouji fashion

Ouji is an elegant dress code in Japan, known as ‘boy style’. It has elements such as the pants, jacket, blouse, socks and shoes.

1. Pants

The pants in ouji fashion are referred to the “Hakama” in actual. It may be a little loose fitting and has a very distinct feature of having a center seam going up the front of the legs on both sides. This kind of clothing is worn more by boys or girls that know how to adapt to their style for it suits them most.

2. Jackets

The jacket which closely resembles Chinese military uniform called, qipao . It can be worn as an open garment with revealing the shirt underneath where sometimes ties are also added at times of special gatherings only otherwise normal day wear does not have this element included here. In some cases it may resemble boys wearing gakuran but there is no such similarity here as this is more like qipao.

3. Blouse

The blouse here may be in the same style but with different colors to choose from for coordination with pants and shoes if worn. This blouse can closely resemble military uniform shirt of Japan having the inverted color of jacket. Sometimes there are no buttons on it too while mostly they are seen to have them on their front portion above the chest area.

4. Socks

Socks are also an integral part that has to be mentioned here only if you are looking forward to wearing this kind of clothing proudly at any point in time without fail every single day only if required otherwise not using them daily as well when casual dressing is concerned here. They must be worn up to where the knee caps are located or above it also.

5. Zippers

The best part is the vest which is used to compare with old style bodice only where there were no zippers added here but laces were made to close up the same tightly which can be found in this type of clothing too. But still zippers are preferred at times when you want an easier kind of convenience for daily wear if not for special events that may require you to wear ouji without fail everywhere including parties, gatherings and other types of occasions.

6. Loafers

Putting together various items mentioned earlier while talking about ouji fashion, shoes come into play which should be shiny black leather loafers having a distinct feature making them different from ordinary ones so that people do recognize them while they are worn.

7. Hat

Optional item that may or may not be included in your dressing up is the hat which looks very close to a fedora hat but a little different from it having a unique brim designed going along the circumference of the same covering the upper portion completely keeping the eyes safe from sun rays which can lead to eye irritation and related problems when not taken care of early on without delay once noticed by any individuals who would like you wearing ouji only then.

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Fashion in boys and girls

Ouji fashion was originally adapted for boys and girls to wear but now it can be seen that even people of both sexes including females are also wearing the same with complete coordination in terms of color shades used in clothing items, shoes, hats if any is worn, ties or no ties at all in case of blouses only in casual ouji type outfits without fail when called upon to do so with ease since this kind of ouji dressing up is not gender oriented anymore.

Addition of accessories

It should always be kept in mind when opting for this kind of outfit which can make you look very classy especially for parties by adding accessories like a cane, umbrella if required on rainy days which makes you looking fabulous while making your way to the party venue all dressed up in ouji only which is never expected by your guests beforehand for this kind of clothing you are wearing.

It can make you look totally different from others with accessories added when required otherwise nothing much needed to do to make people looking stylish in their own way keeping everyone happy and contented enough to show off their sense of fashion when they step out of their homes even when not attending parties at all.


Ouji fashion is something that has been around for years now which was very famous many decades back already making you look totally different from others by adding accessories only when required otherwise nothing much needed to do if wearing it keeping everyone happy and contented enough to show off their sense of fashion when step out of their homes even when not attending parties at all. And this kind of clothing option will never go out of fashion according to many fashion lovers who have grown up wearing ouji dressing style.

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