A Comprehensive Guide About How To Breed Cows In Minecraft?

The easiest way to breed a cow in Minecraft is to get a cow spawn egg and place it on the ground, then hatch it. If you want a colored cow that is completely different story. As of right now there are only 5 colors available for a Cow: White, Black, Brown, Red and Orange. Keep in mind that there will be more colors added soon! So getting the colored cows isn’t going to be easy but with these strategies I am about to show you it makes life much easier!

Breeding cows in Minecraft is an essential part of the game, as it provides a reliable source of food and materials. To breed cows, you must have at least two cows close to each other. Next, you will need to feed them wheat, which can be obtained by harvesting wheat crops. Once the cows are fed, they will enter “love mode,” indicated by red hearts appearing above their heads. After a short time, a baby cow will be born, which will grow into an adult cow after a few minutes.

In addition to providing a food source, cows drop leather, which can be used to craft various items, including armor and books. Breeding cows is also important in creating a sustainable farming system in Minecraft, as it ensures a constant supply of cows for food and materials. Breeding cows in Minecraft is a simple but important aspect of the game that adds to the overall experience of survival and exploration.

How to breed cows in Minecraft?

 This will work for sheep as well!

  1. Find a cow or a sheep (recommended), or both, and give one that has been fed wheat some grass until it’s fully grown.
  2. Once it’s full grown you’ll need to find some hay bales, craft them into hay blocks and leave some at home as well as taking one with you.
  3. Now head back near your animals and feed them their new food source until they’ve eaten all of it. They will drop seeds after this so pick them up (they look like potatoes).
  4. You can plant them in a flower pot or soil if you wish.
  5. When they’ve grown fully plant the seeds again, and head back to your animals for more grass/hay bales to feed them!
  6. Keep repeating this until there are only 2 different types of animals left. You will want one of each sex for breeding.
  7. You can also breed sheep together once they have all turned into adults, but it doesn’t work with cows.
  8. Now give both of these new animals golden apples so that when they eat them they will turn into love mode, then wait around 6-7 minutes before feeding them again!
  9. Amazingly you’ll now have a baby animal all ready to go! You can let it grow if you wish or repeat the whole process to start all over again.
  10. If you want to speed up the growing process you can craft a golden apple into its regular form and feed this to them when they are fully grown, or try feeding them with pumpkins for faster growth.

For starters let’s go over the basics of what you need to become a successful Cow Breeder here are some simple things you’re going to need:

A Stack of Sugar Canes

Now that we have gone over the basics here is a quick rundown on what you should do to breed colored cows.

White Cow:

The White Cow can be spawned by using a regular cow spawn egg and then placing it along with hay bales where ever you like. Make sure there is grass in the biome your trying to breed them in! It takes around 3 hours for the white cow to become an adult. Then all you need to do is take out your hoe and click on the ground were you placed the matured white cow and watch as another one pop’s up near by! Keep doing this until you get a colored cow.

Brown Cow:

The next color you can get is brown! Brown Cows are slightly more difficult to breed than White Cows because of the biome’s they like to spawn in. First off you’re going to need some apples (you can also substitute this for hay bales, carrots or potatoes). Now that you have the apples all you do is go find a cow that has spawned naturally and feed it an apple then run away quickly! This will increase the trust level between the cow and yourself allowing it to breed with other cows more often (more on breeding later).

Once their trust level reaches 100% use your hoe on them were ever you placed them and keep doing this until you get a colored cow. The best biomes to find the Brown Cow in are Desert’s and Forest’s.

Black Cow:

Black Cows are going to be one of the most difficult ones to achieve because they love very specific biomes. First thing you’re going to need is a stack of sugar cane (you can substitute this with hay bales, carrots or potatoes). Sugar Canes can be found underground next to water or by using shears on tall grass near water were ever around that area. Now that you have your special ingredient it’s time for some farming! Plant down your stack of sugar cane then just wait for it grow back over night.

If you placed them correctly they should be at full maturity by the time you wake up which means their trust level is also maxed out. Once their trust level is full go ahead and use your hoe on them were ever you placed them and keep doing this until you get a colored cow! Black Cows can spawn in deserts, plus they do very well around water so don’t be afraid to try some new places with them!

Red Cow

The next color of cow is red (which was supposed to be added in Minecraft 1.7 but got pushed back till 1.8). Reds are almost like black cows except for one major difference. They require “strawberries” instead of sugar cane to breed with other cows! Finding strawberries is the hard part, they only spawn in Jungle Biomes which are very rare to find. I would recommend trying out Desert biomes or even Snowy tundra’s for this one!

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Orange Cows

The final cow color added into Minecraft was orange! Oranges are also slightly more difficult to breed then most colors of cows because they need wheat seeds instead of apples or hay bales. This makes finding where their spawn points are almost impossible but once you figure them out you’ll be breeding oranges like crazy! My advice is if you’re having trouble with oranges just try breeding browns until it finally works.

Orange Cows only require Wheat Seeds to breed with other cows so check around your area often and keep hoeing on the ground! It takes around 3 hrs for oranges to mature and then another hour or 2 for them to spawn themselves after. If you’re having trouble finding Orange Cows just try breeding other colors until you finally get it!


After reading this article, it is concluded that cows serve only a few different purposes besides giving the player food and a few other materials. Only cows can produce raw beef and milk and are known to have leather.

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