Characteristics Of Gothic Fashion

Gothic fashion is unique in its own way. It is trendy and evolves with different eras. is dramatic, expressive, bold and homogeneous in nature. Dark themed and demands everything to be dark and bold, including the dresses, the accessories and the atmosphere. Therefore, all gothic dresses and other gothic accessories are always in dark and bold colours and are dramatic in nature. Although the theme is gloomy, spooky and melancholic, it has its own charm and liveliness in contrast. Therefore, it is one of the most loved fashion styles all across the world. People enjoy dressing up in gothic style and the modern gothic style demands everything to be simple and minimal, people prefer to dress up in gothic style on an everyday basis.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the important characteristics of gothic fashion. Gothic dresses and accessories are easily everywhere. You can order them online as well. For instance, Jordash Clothing is an online store in the UK, where you will get different types of gothic dresses and accessories such as gothic coffin bags, gothic handbags, gothic candle holders and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the important characteristics of gothic fashion that you can easily adopt to get a dramatic look.

Characteristics of Gothic Fashion

The Colour of Gothic Fashion

There is a bg myth going around that in gothic fashion, black is the only colour not only for the dresses but also for other accessories. But that is not the fact. In fact gothic fashion has a lot of versatility and flexibility. Although bright colours are not part of gothic fashion, dark, bold and dramatic colours are definitely a part of the gothic fashion. Of course, black can be considered as a basic and staple colour for gothic fashion. But black is not the only colour. Other dark and bold colours that are part of the gothic fashion are blood red, burgundy, violet, purple, orange and so on. In fact silver, darker shades of blue and green, pearly white and maroon can also be considered as the important colours in the gothic fashion.

Inspiration of Gothic Fashion

The gothic fashion draws its inspiration from the Victorian era, romantic era and from the vintage style in the past. Apart from that it also draws its inspiration from the post-apocalyptic ideas of the future. If we look at the history, gothic fashion is highly inspired from the European architecture of the middle age. From this gothic architecture, gothic art and gothic literature have evolved and we can say that gothic fashion draws its inspiration from these art and literature as well. But these are not the only inspirations for gothic fashion. Punk rock bands of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s have a major role to play in bringing the gothic fashion in trend. The gothic fashion that we witness today is inspired from these bands. Mysterious skirts, laces, dresses, buckles in the fabric of leather, silk, velvet and so on are some of the outfits that you can try for a dramatic and spooky look.

Gothic Footwear and Accessories

Alternative fashion is mainly homogeneous in nature. Therefore, apart from the dresses, footwear, such as boots are unisex in nature. Apart from unisex boots, flats, pencil heels, platform heels, tie-up shoes and other footwear with some unique and intricate designs are immensely popular. When speaking about gothic accessories, gothic jewellery has a major role to play. In modern day goth fashion, body piercing and occult jewellery are immensely popular. Apart from that, funky umbrellas, fishnets, gothic handbags and full sleeved gloves are also highly popular and trendy. The jewellery are mainly black in colour and mostly in the materials such as platinum or white metal. They generally have the designs of skulls, dragons, crosses, snakes and so on. In modern day gothic fashion, full sleeves tattoos are also given more importance.

Gothic Makeup

Modern day gothic fashion demands minimal makeup, but in general, the makeup should be dark, bold and dramatic. Looking at the typical gothic makeup, it includes pale skin, dark lipstick, thick eyeliner, dark nail polish and so on.

Summing Up

These are some of the important characteristics of gothic fashion. Apart from that, you can also use different other accessories to decorate the interior of the house in a gothic theme. Items such as dark wallpapers, dark curtains, dark bed sheets, gothic showpieces, gothic candle holders and so on can be used to get a gothic themed look for your house.

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