How do I study for IB Bio SL

There is no magical medicine that you may consume and get good marks instead there is only practice and study that helps in getting the desired result. IB bio is extremely challenging so it’s crucial to focus on your study process. One can say that IB bio SL is easier than IB bio HL. But SL bio works as a base to study HL bio. If you are not able to vanish your doubts in SL then they will become a backlog which will be there in your further studies.

There are many ideas, techniques, and Tips to study but hard work, consistency, determination, and focus are the major tools to get a strong grip on the subject.

How do I study for IB Bio SL
How do I study for IB Bio SL

Preparation tips:

Make good notes:

It is important to make notes to study the IB bio(SL). If you’re getting notes from the internet, you should always check their sources. You can make different types of notes:

  • Long notes: These notes will contain in-depth information about the topics. You can create handwritten or typed notes by referring to the textbooks and study materials. These will help you in revision before an exam.
  • Condensed notes/flashcards: These notes contain the condensed information of the long notes which can be used for quick reference one day before the IB bio SL exam. You can use flashcards or can paste them on the wall to remember the heavy content and vocabulary of IB bio (SL).
  • Create flowcharts, mind maps, and diagrams: you can create flowcharts and diagrams to represent the different processes. The greatest method to study IB Biology is to present facts in a way you can grasp.

Any process with clearly defined stages or a sequence of actions is ideal for flowcharts. The stages of PCR, DNA transcription, DNA translation, DNA replication, and electron transport chains are a few examples.

Arguably the most successful method of biology study is diagramming. A large portion of the course’s material can be summarized in a single diagram.

Clear your basics:

Don’t jump to the heavy content if you are struggling with basics. Many students doing this mistake while preparing for the IB bio Sl. You should ask questions from your teachers and fellow mates and clear your doubts. If you found bio extremely hard then you should spend more time on it and be consistent in this.

Know your weakness:

Do you ever thought of skipping hard topics? If yes, then you should not skip these topics. You should know the topics that you found difficult and start spending time to make them easy. You can take help from your teachers or can hire a personal tutor.

Today internet is the best way to easy learning.

You can take help from YouTube or internet websites like tribe topper. You can Subscribe to Tribe Topper and join their courses to excel in IB bio and any other IB subjects. These courses consist of Question Banks, Past Paper solutions, and quizzes. Which are Very helpful to score high on exams.

Practice questions:

You should practice the previous year’s question papers. That will help you to get familiar with time limits and exam patterns. Solving the previous year’s question paper will help you to find the important topics that were asked repeatedly. And it enables you to prioritize important topics over less important ones and will prevent you to consume unnecessary information.

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Additional revision tips:

  • To answer the “draw” questions, use a whiteboard. The examiners could ask you about roughly 30 distinct “draw” syllabus points, and these are simple scores to get. Drawing an animal cell or the carbon cycle can earn you between 2 and 6 marks, and you don’t even need to be artistic. All the items you must be able to draw. And the most important part is to label the diagrams. So the diagram should be neat and the labeling should be readable.
  • If you have trouble recalling the names of different substances, creatures, or structures, try reducing complex words down to their rudimentary components.

For instance: Hydro +lysis: where hydro means water and lysis refers to splitting in results splitting of water stands for Hydrolysis.

  • Before going to the next lesson, make sure you comprehend the material from the prior one. Soon enough, there will be so much information to learn that you will have to effectively self-teach yourself the new material, which takes a lot more time and effort. The information will pile up and overwhelm you. Here, the word “understand” is crucial. Just memorizing the information is useless if you are unable to use it to answer an exam question.
  • Read through your notes occasionally. Skim through your notes whenever you have a spare moment to get as familiar with them as you can. For instance, instead of checking your notes while eating breakfast, arrange them in front of you.

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