The Applications and Benefits of Vacuum Trailers

Municipalities and contractors that are not in the market for a full-size truck unit have a portable, affordable choice in a trailer-mounted vacuum and hydro-vac equipment. Similar in form and operation to their truck-mounted counterparts, combination and hydro-excavation machines mounted on trailers are equipped with the same potent systems. However, these machines are scaled to fit a movable trailer and applications pertaining to this size of equipment.

Ease of Excavation

With the help of trailer-mounted vacuum machines, it is possible to securely excavate around underground utilities without causing any damage, illuminate and locate subsurface lines, and remove oil, liquids, and sediments from construction sites.

Some benefits of owning a vacuum trailer-mounted unit will be discussed in this blog post.


The fact that a trailer-mounted device is significantly less expensive than a truck-mounted one is not surprising, but it is an important benefit of having a trailer-mounted vacuum. For new firms, small contractors, or small governments who aren’t in the market for a large machine owing to size or expense, trailer-mounted units are particularly suitable to get from a custom vacuum trailer dealer. These machines are nevertheless capable of carrying out the same tasks as their truck-mounted equivalents, just on a smaller scale. As there are fewer components over time, maintenance and upkeep are also more affordable.

Safe Digging Process

It is crucial and a priority for many communities and contractors to ensure that the job site is safe for both employees and people passing by. Active subsurface utilities, such as gas and electric lines, provide the greatest risk to operators in this sector. The possibility of hitting a line, inflicting damage, and maybe harming the operator or others increases when typical yellow iron equipment is used to excavate in areas where subsurface utilities are present. 

However, these situations, which are frequently found in small, urban spaces where truck-mounted units would not be able to function, are best served by trailer-mounted hydrovacs. The soil around these lines can be disturbed and removed with no harm being done thanks to the high-pressure water and strong vacuum functions.

Saves Plenty of Time

Hydrovac and vacuum units installed on trailers give workers flexibility and efficiency on the project site. Whereas other equipment might need the site to be prepared and utilities to be located, a trailer-mounted vacuum or hydro-vac can be rapidly positioned and start working on removing soil and debris.

Hydro vac installed on trailers can also be used in conjunction with standard yellow iron machinery. Prior to using a trencher or backhoe to dig around these spots, the trailer-mounted hydro-vac machine is excellent for initial ground penetration to detect utilities and determine depth.

Precision Work is Done

A trailer-mounted hydrovac gives a level of precision unmatched by other units, in contrast to conventional heavy machinery like backhoes and trenchers. With the high-pressure water system, handgun features and booms are made to enable precise locating while protecting the surrounding environment. These features not only make the job start more effectively, but they also save the amount of time needed for site restoration because only the appropriate area is disturbed.

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