How Can Ramps Come to Your Senior Dog’s Rescue?

Missing those nights curling up with your fur kid on your cozy bed? 

If yes, don’t lose heart just yet. Suppose your senior dog suffers from aching joints and other orthopedic issues; consider topping your bed with extra pillows or a pillow-top mattress so your furry baby can comfortably doze off.

Discuss your doggo’s mobility issues with your vet, so you know what to do to make your pet feel better and walk with few complaints. Consider being prepared with dog insurance  NZ at the same time because not all health circumstances are predictable. 

Unplanned vet bills can run up to thousands of dollars and quickly exhaust your savings, so contemplate searching insurance for pets dogs online and signing up for a policy that best suits your fur companion’s health and your budget.

In the meantime, read this article to learn how to choose a ramp and train your pet to use it.

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Although these products allow you and your pooch to continue enjoying many activities together, keep the below-mentioned tips in mind before adding them to your shopping cart and paying for them.

Ramps or pet steps are usually made of plastic, wood, or aluminum, with covers, often textured to enable easy walking. 

Physically inspect the product’s stability and strength so walking on it doesn’t pose additional risk to your already ailing pet’s health.

Compare your senior dog’s weight with that of the product so you get a brief idea about how safe it is to use for your pet suffering from mobility issues.

Also, note that you may have to shift the ramp or steps often, and doing that shouldn’t break your back. Even if the product seems comfortable to walk on for your doggo, consider if it is easy to transport it to other places when the need arises.

Consider the storage option too. For instance, you can permanently fix a ramp to your bed to help your pet climb up and down it; however, you can’t use the same product to help your doggo get in and out of your car. Explore the fold-out ramp/step variants you and your pet can conveniently use during travel.

By all means, consider investing in a high-quality ramp so the product doesn’t hamper your pet’s health or aggravate existing bone and joint issues. 

Ramp training

Don’t panic if your furry baby refuses to use the ramp or set of stairs at the first shot. Getting your pet to walk on it can be easy, but teaching it to climb it can be challenging. However, don’t fret because, with little time, patience, and effort, your furry baby will be a pro at using it.

  1. Buy a product with wide stairs and sturdy enough to withstand your doggo’s weight.
  2. Start practicing with the ramp flat on the floor, so your pet gets acclimated to its texture (wood, rubber, plastic, etc.) 
  3. Once your doggo learns to walk on it, gradually increase the ramp’s angle with the floor while ensuring it stays stable.
  4. Give your dog enough time to trust it. Take the help of tasty treats to encourage your pet to use them.
  5. With positive reinforcement and a couple of repetitions, your fur companion will be a pro at using the ramp.

Keep the place devoid of distractions and other intimidating things to avoid accidental injuries and medical emergencies. Consider being prepared with dog insurance in NZ, so getting medical assistance need not be a significant financial challenge during challenging times of health. 

Search insurance for pets dogs online to find popular pet policies. Weigh the different plans, then request and compare quotes to find the best-fit plan for your pet. Also, contemplate purchasing a policy early because pet insurers don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. 

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