10 Interesting Facts About Silver German Shepherds

Silver German Shepherd: Some Features

Silver  German shepherdBreed Characteristics
AKC GroupHerding
Breed sizeMedium to large
Height24-26 inches (Male)22-24 inches (female)
Weight66-88 pounds(Males)49-71 pounds(Females)
TemperamentStrong, brave, alert, loyal, intelligent, independent, protective, aloof, energetic, territorial.
Lifespan10-13 yrs
Coat ColorsBlack & Silver, Black & Silver Sable, Silver-gray, Silver Sable.
Coat TypeMedium,short-medium, Double-coated, long (rare).
Health IssuesDegenerative Myelopathy, Bloat (GDV), Von Willebrand’s disease, Hip, and Elbow Dysplasia.
AppearanceDomed Forehead, Physical Build, Long Muzzle, Well-balanced, Black Nose.
Pet FriendlyYes
Child FriendlyYes
Good for new ownersYes
Exercise NeedsMedium-high

Silver German Shepherds: 10 Interesting Facts

When you are in this article, it means you have an interest in learning about GSD. Well, in this following part, you will get to know the top 10 interesting facts about the Silver German Shepherd. 

  1. Silver German Shepherd: History

Do you know about the panda German shepherd? It looks like a Silver German Shepherd, but they are different in their color. The Panda German Shepherd is colored white and black; that is called panda GD.

When we talk about the history of GSD, it can be said that it has not any distinct history separate from the rest breed of the German Shepherd. It means this color of GSD does not affect the character and behavior of Silver German Shepherd. If you want to research the history of the Silver German Shepherd, you need to go back to Germany. 

  1. Silver German Shepherd: Colors

Officially, they are 11 colors with distinct descriptions.  These include–

  • Bi-color.
  • Black.
  • Blue.
  • Tan
  • Gray.
  • Black and red.
  • Black and cream.
  • Liver.
  • White.
  • Black and silver. 
  • Sable.

Silver German Shepherds are one of them. If you are expecting that silver German Shepherd to be pure silver color, that is not normally the case. Silver color matches with off-white color with large areas of black, face, legs, and body. 

  1. Silver German Shepherd Is less Common

Silver German Shepherd is less common because people mostly prefer dark color GSD.  Compared with other breeds, liver and blue GSD are failing in the market.

Comparably, silver german is more popular among pet lovers. But for an official purpose, a silver german shepherd can’t win the show ring.  That is why, off-white color GSD is not  desirable within the army or police department. 

  1. Fact About Genetics

German shepherd growth is similar to a german shepherd. Their color can’t affect their health and natural aspects. However, which genetics are responsible for silver german Shepherd is not fully identified. 

The research shows that sable can dominate over all breed’s patterns and colors. The first registered german shepherd is sable color. On this note, tan and black GSD does not carry the sable gene; therefore, if they breed together, none of the puppies will be sable in genetics.  

  1. 1st World War Introduce Them To The U.S

It is said that the 1st world war introduced the German shepherd to the American people. After that, the dark coated puppy could develop into a silver german shepherd and a black German Shepherd dog. 

We think one always thinks when someone brings a german shepherd, no matter the color or coat. You need to consider first the health and temperament of the dog. 

“No good dog is a bad color.”— said Max Von Stephanitz, founder of the breed. 

  1. Silver German Shepherd: Appearance 

Silver German Shepherd has no difference from GSD of any other color. GSD is a large dog, weighing between 50 to 90 pounds, and this dog’s height is standing 22 to 26 inches tall. 

Silver bi-color German Shepherd has an off-tan coloration. Since silver is the modification of red and pheomelanin or tans pigmentation, they usually have black areas amongst the silver portion. 

  1. They Are the Second Most Popular Dog In America

According to the report, there are 4.6% of all registered German Shepherds in the U.S., which means there are millions of breeds of German Shepherds there including Silver German Shepherds. 

  1. Most Famous Dog

Silver German Shepherd or any other breed is the most famous dog among the pet lovers. In the world, there are numerous incidents happening with GSD. around the world, there are millions of Silver German Shepherd breeds. 

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  1. Many Breeds Spring From german Shepherds

Silver German Shepherds spring from German Shepherds. Not only silver GSD but there are also a number of breeds that come from German Shepherds. 

Silver German Shepherd is one of them.  

  1. Silver German Shepherd Is Also Known As Alsatians

Discussing this fact about Silver German Shepherd, you need to go back to the history of this dog. When the German Shepherd brought to America won the second world war, they changed the name German Shepherd and registered as  Alsatians. 

This is the reason people call these dogs by both names. And both are appropriate to call this dog. 

Bottom Line

Silver German Shepherd is one of the popular breeding German Shepherd breeds. In previous times, this dog did not catch the attention, but now, it has become popular. 

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading these 10 interesting facts. You can add to this list if you know more. Finally, you can visit our website to get more info about dogs, cats, and their interesting facts. If you have a Silver German Shepherd, don’t forget to share your words.

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