Best Practices to Host A Virtual University Open Day More Effectively

A virtual university open day shows the students what their life can be at your university. So, you need a convenient and cost-effective virtual event platform that can help you show all your stellar faculty, your top-notch campus facilities, and your immersive student societies.

But how to reach maximum prospective students with the best online webinar?

So, here is a comprehensive list of practices that can help you organize a better virtual college open day webinar. 

7 Ways to Organize A Virtual Open Day Webinar Effectively!

7 Practices that can help you organize a virtual open day webinar are as follows:

  1. Sketch Out a theme for Your Webinar

You have to develop a proper theme and idea for your webinar. It can be beneficial to make your educational university open day a perfect event for the students. Moreover, you will need the right virtual event solutions to create a seamless experience for all your attendees. These experts will provide you with a complete customization feature with which you can create and design every corner of your virtual event as per your requirements.

Your virtual event theme will help you in promotion on various social media platforms, plugins, local press, and your corporate website. It is complete planning for your online educational webinar from start to finish.

  • Create a Perfectly Polished Content

You need good content for everything in your webinar. The top virtual event platform offers detailed data and information about your theme and programs in depth and breadth. Moreover, you can create various videos that can be helpful in promoting your event, conveying the reason behind your choosing the topic, and the basic information of the pointers that you will cover in your educational webinar.

You have to maintain a proper freshness of your content. It means you have to keep the information clear and straightforward. You can use any content format for your virtual University Open Day. For instance, you can create various videos, trailers, teasers, gifs, images, infographics, pdfs, files, brochures, flyers, and other essential information. Also, you can create a document library on your online webinar platform to display all this content and share it with your audience. They can get complete access to view and download these materials.

  • Provide Proper Responses to All the Attendees

It is essential that you notice and give proper attention to your audience. So, you have to answer all the questions and doubts of the attendees. It is necessary to respond to all the queries beforehand and make your audience feel equally important and unique as anyone else at the virtual event.

You can get a real-time 1:1 or group chat option at your virtual event platform. Moreover, all the attendees, hosts, speakers, and other users can create a group to discuss during a live session. This way, everyone can get an easy and instant solution to their trouble. Also, you can get an audio and video call opportunity to connect with the participants at the virtual event.

You can also get some comments during your live educational webinar. So, you have to ensure that you have a speaker assistant who can answer all these questions in real-time.

  • Behave a Little More Realistic to Enhance the User Experience

You have to create an in-person experience during the Virtual University Open Day webinar. It will be beneficial to give your audience a sense of reality and a better user experience. Moreover, you have to keep appropriate gestures that can help make a good connection with the audience.

You have to look at the camera during the virtual event. Moreover, it will create a sense of face-to-face experience for the audience and make them able to connect with you.

Secondly, you must ensure the lighting at your place is perfect and displays everything clearly. Proper light can be helpful in making your face look clear, and everyone can get a sense of an in-person event.

  • Pick the Online Webinar Date and Time Wisely

You are conducting a webinar online. So, it is essential that you take the right time and date. It should be comfortable for all your targeted audience. Moreover, you have to ensure that you conduct the webinar at the right time and date. The users must be able to register but also attend your webinar.

It must not conflict with their other rest or study time. Keeping your webinar at 8 am a weekend is a bad idea. Students will be sleeping at that time after getting exhausted studying on the weekdays. So, maintain an ideal balance with the time when the most qualified people will be able to tune in to your live virtual educational university open day.

  • Keep the Webinar Topic and Duration Short

Talking for hours and hours will get you nothing but some logouts and never returning users. Moreover, you can avoid webinar dropping with proper planning and making your speakers keep the session time in mind. Keep the most significant and valuable session early in your webinar to provide them with the maximum turnout.

So, you must keep your virtual educational university open day for the optimum time, which saves time and resources. Also, your own faculty can not be available for a long time. They have a job to serve that’s why conducting a long webinar is not even good for you.

  • Analyze the Metrics Properly

You can get a complete analysis of your webinar with the best virtual event solutions. Such information will be helpful in tracking the registrant information through the event landing page. Moreover, you can use it to ease pre-event reminders and post-event follow-ups. You can get a complete detailed report of the event turnout, performance, engagement, and conversions after the event.

However, you can use it to determine the event ROI and improve future events. But the quality of interest matters a lot more than numbers when you host a virtual educational university open day. So, you have to concentrate on the theme and objective set out at the start of your webinar.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in organizing a virtual university open day. You can create a better live webinar and virtual event if you pick the best platform and follow the proper procedure.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in organizing your next webinar and virtual open day house.

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