Virtual Reality London

Experience a luxurious gaming environment in virtual reality London. The virtual reality building features Japanese electronic art, neon lighting, and game-inspired elements. The experience is spread over two levels and includes several unique zones, such as a cafe. The venue is open throughout the day and offers different entertainment options. It offers competitive pricing, too. Here you can play your favorite games while having a great time. And, since it’s open 24 hours a day, you’ll never feel rushed. You can visit virtual reality London for more information.

Experiences powered by virtual reality platform

If you want to experience immersive, multi-sensory virtual reality in London, you must experience the latest VR technology. The immersive environments allow visitors to immerse themselves in swashbuckling fantasy worlds, survive the Zombie Apocalypse, soar through space elevators and take part in futuristic combat arenas. You can also check IT procurement.

The immersive 3D experiences are designed to provide new ways to learn and treat patients, and they can be used for innovative recovery programs after injuries and surgeries. They are also transforming clinical practices and training.

virtual reality London

VR is not only revolutionizing art but is changing the relationship between audience and artists. Artists will use immersive virtual reality to create immersive art experiences for their audiences. Guests will wear a mask and can interact with an avatar within a virtual world. However, they must maintain social distance to enjoy these immersive experiences. The immersive art experience will provide a new, unique experience to the audience. So, It will be a first of its kind, and the London VR industry will be proud to be a part of this new technology.


The suit uses motion capture and biometrics to measure the wearer’s heart rate, stress levels, and emotional state. So, The suit is also wireless and wire-free. The full suite includes a torso suit and wearable elements for the arms, hands, and feet. The suit allows users to experience the virtual world directly on their skin and has biometrics and motion capture built-in. So, It is compatible with PC, mobile, and consoles and allows users to feel the world as it is.

The suit is available in different sizes. It’s filled with electronics, including haptic feedback and temperature feedback. Also records biometric information to gauge a user’s physical and psychological reaction to an experience. Capture full body motion and also allow users to feel the haptic feedback.

Tiny electrical impulses mimic the physical sensations that people experience in the real world. Provide full sensory feedback, including weight, texture, and temperature. So, A user can even feel a bullet impact or the sensation of standing in a rainstorm.

virtual reality London

Powered by 3D body trackers

Experiences range from swashbuckling fantasy worlds to surviving a Zombie Apocalypse to soaring in space elevators and fighting in futuristic combat arenas. With real-time motion capture technology, the experience is as realistic as it sounds and is available on two levels.

Users experience 360-degree views of the city while balancing on scaffolding. Virtual reality London features an incredible view of the city, allowing users to experience the skyline as if they’re above it in real life. So, The experience is also enhanced with a unique vertigo challenge that requires them to balance on scaffolding and observe the strip back construction of Europe’s tallest building.

Virtual reality London also has a unique dining option. The virtual reality London venue will feature a robotic bartender that can serve up to 80 drinks per hour. Guests can order drinks directly from the robot and the drink menu is designed around the theme of each VR experience. A cocktail bar, Bottle Proof, and Pizza will provide food delights for guests at the virtual London venue. So, The venue features ground-breaking gameplay and complete hospitality.

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