Why You Need an Email Newsletter To Grow Your Customer Base

Why You Need an Email Newsletter To Grow Your Customer Base

An email newsletter is essentially a marketing campaign that targets your current customers as well as those who have signed up to receive such messages from your website or social media. In addition to being professionally written, your newsletter should engage your readership with timely content. And while your newsletter will allow you to share news regarding your products and services, it also lets you build a rapport with your customers. Understand more about why newsletters can be effective tools for growing your small business and learn how to begin.

Use a Newsletter To Grow Your Customer Base

Regular email newsletters provide you with a powerful source of data. For example, how many people are signing up — or unsubscribing — from your newsletter every week or month? How many are clicking through to check out new products or deals? Consider these additional benefits:

  • Your customers will appreciate knowing about your new products, services, and specials for the season.
  • You will foster a sense of trust in your customer base, which will make them more likely to return to you in the future.
  • When customers use your website to make a purchase, you’ll see an increase in your website’s analytics.

How to Write an Effective Newsletter

Knowing how to start your newsletter can feel a little overwhelming. First, ask yourself some important questions. For example, how often do you plan to send out your newsletter? Second, think about the purpose of the letter. Your customers might not appreciate a newsletter if they feel like the majority of its contents are all sales tactics or empty words. 

More isn’t always better; the rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t send a letter more than twice a week. Any more and recipients might unsubscribe — but any less and they might forget you exist! To make an impact, enhance good writing with visual data so that your customers can see charts of your growth, statistics for your products, and visual reminders of your events.

Use Templates and Tools To Create a Professional Design

It’s not enough to type a greeting and a few paragraphs into the blank space of your email program’s text box. Use professional-grade tools and templates to create a spread of graphics and words that resembles a magazine rather than sending plain text. Ideas for newsletter-enhancing tools you can use include the following:

  • An all-in-one customer management platform that can compile email addresses and send automated emails.
  • A word processing platform such as WordPress that allows you to import your customer’s contact information.
  • Free online templates and PDFs for a safe and easy place to create great content (and make direct changes after uploading the document online without having to print pages).

Add Videos as Attention-Grabbers

Today’s audiences want video content. Fortunately, you can include this content by using a video to gif converter. Adding full videos is too data-heavy and will slow down – or even prevent – you from sending the file. Gifs are great for getting snippets of video content across in an accessible format.

Hire Professionals To Help With the Details

The way your letter reads and looks is as important as its contents. If you don’t know how to write a compelling newsletter, hire a freelance content writer to create one that shines. If you can’t figure out where to place your graphics, employ an expert who can help. According to LinkedIn, the little details are extremely important for getting your audience’s attention. Most people spend only 10 seconds reading an email before they decide they are interested — or they simply click away. 

Crafting a great email newsletter is just one tool in your kit for creating a thriving, loyal customer base. Don’t hesitate to try new tactics, like adding a gif to your email to grab people’s attention. You can also try hiring new people, and revisit your designs if your current strategies aren’t working.

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