What does brassy hair really look like and how to prevent It?

You feel on top of the world when you dye your hair for the first time. You are more excited and confident to show off your new trendy shade. After a couple of weeks, you may notice that your complexion looks like brass. What happened? Brassie hair is a common problem that many people face, and thankfully, there are many remedies to help you eliminate this unwanted hair tone. Here’s what you need to know about brassy hair and how to avoid it:

What is Brassy Hair?

Brassie hair is defined as an unwanted warm tone in your hair. Brassie hair can happen due to a number of reasons such as exposure to sunlight, using the wrong shampoo, lack of toner, or even a stylistic error. Depending on how the hair is dyed, this brassy tone can look different from person to person. Blondes will usually see a glow of yellow, while brunettes will find brassiness in red or orange tones.

How to get rid of Brassy Hair

If you are ready to get rid of your gray hair, we have put together some tips to help you fix them.

Use A Hair Toner

A toner is an easy way to fix any brassy hues you find in your hair. Hair toners work as color correctors for your hair and they bring out your desired hair tone. Hair toners will cool your complexion and hide warm undertones and give your hair the desired look. Remember that most toners are temporary and will need to be reapplied every few weeks depending on the type of toner you use.

Protect your hair from Chlorine

It can be tempting to come on vacation and jump straight into the pool! But that chlorine will strip your hair faster than you can think of a poolside cocktail! So, how to stop it?

Have you noticed that there is always a shower near the pool? There’s a good reason, you should always shower first! This non-chemical water will act as a protective barrier. Your hair will absorb chlorine-free water and therefore won’t be able to soak up the chemically damaging, pool water that turns brassy hair. When leaving the pool, rinse again in chlorine-free water.

Your Natural Hair Color Might Have Something to Do with It

If your hair is naturally dark and you tend to go lighter, you are already more susceptible to getting a brassy complexion than someone who is blonde and wants to go lighter. The darker the hair, the greater the challenge of picking up the underlying pigment from the hair, making clients with darker hair more likely to have a brassy complexion.

While honey golden blonde hair color is more likely to be brassy, ​​people who have dark hair or even highlight and ombre hair may experience this change of color. In the end, it comes down to how well the color is picked up, but there are a lot of things (below) that can accelerate or worsen the condition of the brass in the hand. If your colorist is able to get the pigment out of your hair well enough, you won’t have any problems in the end.

Use the right water filter

Just as you care about your drinking water, you should also care about the water used to clean your hair. By using a perfect water filter, you can help stop brassy hair. The water filter eliminates the extra minerals that normally form hard water in your hair resulting in healthier, softer, and less brassy hair.

Cut down the heat on your hair

The hair color you decided to apply in any case, bleach will most likely be used to add color to your hair. To avoid brassy hair tones, it’s important to protect them by limiting exposure to certain elements, such as heat. If you need styling hair care products, invest in tools that can style your hair quickly. Before using these tools, apply protective hair oil or serum to protect it from frizzy hair.

Get a professional hair expert’s opinion

If you’ve tried everything, and still can’t get rid of your hair’s brassy tone, you may need a professional opinion. Make an appointment at your regular hair salon to find out why this is happening. A professional hairstylist will check out your hair and decide on the best treatment for your particular situation.

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