How Geoff Johns and Gary Frank Plan on Highlighting New Geiger Series!

As a comic creator, Geoff Johns has always tried to push the envelope and produce fascinating work. For example, Johns’ most recent success with his “Geiger” comic included not just the “Junkyard Joe” and “Redcoat” spinoffs, but also a new comic sequel! Beyond that, Johns and co-creator Gary Frank are already looking to expand Geiger even further with a sequel, “Geiger: Ground Zero.” They are hosting a booth at the 2023 San Francisco Comic-Con, and here’s what you need to know!

Fans Will Get the Chance to Learn More 

When this big event was announced, Johns’ fans were excited. They’d not only get the chance to meet this comic creator, but learn more about “Geiger: Ground Zero.” In typical fashion, the creators have kept a little quiet about what to expect with this publication. However, Frank and Johns are thrilled to get the chance to meet fans in this more hands-on environment. 

Johns has said that it’s a great opportunity to “…further share (information about the comic) all with fans.” He has also stated that it’s a unique experience that will feature a free teaser for the upcoming comic, as well as discussions about its potential plot twists. The goal of the event is to open up fan excitement, highlight its publication date, and stir up as much excitement as possible. Johns and Frank will be at the event from July 19 to July 23 at the San Diego Convention Center. 

What to Expect From the TV Series

The announcement of a “Geiger” Paramount TV television series has triggered seismic shocks throughout the comic industry. Previously, only big names like Marvel and DC were successfully launching television series. With the obvious popularity of “Geiger” staring them right in the face, Paramount TV couldn’t resist launching a series based on the comic. 

In the show, Tariq Geiger is a family man trying to raise his family in a fallout shelter after a devastating nuclear war. After he successfully fights off a group of scavengers, he triggers a chain of events that brings in a criminal empire that looks to punish Geiger and his family. Johns greenlit the show, will be its showrunner, and even wrote the pilot!

There’s not much more known about the series but that. We’re hoping that Johns somehow finds a way to integrate Junkyard Joe and Redcoat into the series, as these fan-favorite characters bring a lot to the comic. That said, we’re pumped just to see Johns getting more recognition. “Geiger” is truly a fascinating series, and bringing it to the television screen will make it even more interesting.

Making a Positive Difference

It’s big events like these that highlight how seriously independent comic makers like Johns and Frank take their work. As professionals with years of experience, they believe in putting out great work that makes a difference in the lives of their readers. Clearly, they’re working towards a better world and are using their platform in a positive way.

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