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What Are Tactical Helmets, And What Are The Advancements Concerning Its Material?

A tactical helmet is usually designed to protect military personnel during military operations. These helmets were usually designed for the military operations, but since then, they have made their way into law enforcement and other relevant services for the military. As a result, its application has been developed and designed over the previous century, from blocking shrapnel to stopping wide range of bullet shots.

In the 1970s, Dupon launched Kevlar bulletproof helmet material. This lightweight fabric material has now been regarded as protective armor. Also, modern helmets come with various padding solutions for added comfort, a range of accessories, and strong extension material.

What Situations May Need The Use Of Tactical Helmet?

A ballistic tactical helmet protects the delicate head from severe temperatures, fire, water, bullet shots, and ultraviolet radiation.

Military personnel, police forces, and other law enforcement troops continuously face many potentially dangerous situations such as crossfires, riots, and wars and are at a greater risk of head injury.

Can A Ballistic Helmet Protect The Person From A Direct Bullet Hit?

It depends on both the ballistic helmet and the bullet. For example, with modern Kevlar bulletproof helmets like those issued to US troops, you can expect it to stop many but not all handgun rounds. However, it will not stop centerfire rifle and carbine rounds except at shallow angles and fairly long range.

What Is The Best Bulletproof Helmet?

Many top-quality ballistic helmets are available in today’s scenario, but how does one decide which to choose?

When checking out for a tactical bulletproof helmet, some key factors are the NIJ level of protection, the fit and perfect luxury of the bulletproof helmet, and its retention value. 


It’s important to select a helmet that protects you from the best threat level you presumably will encounter if a firearm incident occurs. In today’s scenario, one usually wants to look for a bullet-resistant helmet that’s tested to the modified NIJ standard 0106.01.

The first NIJ standard for helmets dates back to 1981 and tests 3 protection levels: I, IIA, and II.

Firearms have evolved to supply helmets that will defend against the newest threats; today’s manufacturers tend to check their helmets beyond this standard, leading to the modified NIJ standard.

Comfort Of Bulletproof Helmet

Comfort is vital significant. An uncomfortable ballistic helmet can endanger focus and impede performance, which is often life-threatening.

HOW TO Select The Best SIZE AND FIT Of The Ballistic Helmets?

The helmet’s size and fit are vital to a helmet’s effectiveness. Therefore, making of certain helmets of your helmet size before you invest in a bulletproof helmet.

A bulletproof helmet must sit properly from the top. If the bulletproof helmet is too low, the vision sector is obstructed. If It’s Too high, the stability is compromised, creating a security hazard.

Shell head ballistic helmet measurement generally comes in various sizes, and there is available ballistic helmet for sale in different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large .

Increasing body comfort, helmets are made accompany their inner lining system composed of padding. However, most are different; heads are available in various shapes and sizes. Even after assessing a bulletproof helmet, you realize you will not be ready to wear it comfortably throughout a tactical mission; alternative helmet pads are available on the market that one may install after a helmet is purchased.

Single-layer padding systems materials are easier to put in but harder to custom fit. In contrast, multi-layer pads present the other situation – more customizable in fit but more time-consuming.


In addition to padding and suspension, your helmet must have a top-quality strap as a part of its retention system.

Fortunately, one standard feature in today’s best bulletproof helmets may be a four-point strap and dial adjustment at the helmets.

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