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How to Mitigate Bed Bug Problems at Home

You might have been wondering why you wake up with hundreds of little bite marks that you just can’t seem to find where they came from. Bad luck, you have been bitten by a bed bug.

Nasty little creatures they are, they feed on blood and tend to be active at night. Its when you should have been sleeping tight but worry no more. A bed bug problem is a tough problem to have. There are times you might need to contact a bed bug exterminator that can help you solve this problem. Professionals who have developed their craft to put all bed bug related headaches to rest. The bed bug company in York, PA is expert in exterminating bed bugs and protecting your homes from future infestations. However, if you want to protect your home from bed bugs yourself, here are tips on modern ways to protect your home from nasty little bed bugs.

First of all, do not panic.

Being presented with the problem might be a little stressful for you but the best thing is to stay calm. Think thoroughly about the course of action you’re going to take in order to prevent doing rash decisions that may lead to the spreading of the infestation.

Clean your house thoroughly

Short of being the problem solver. The best way to mitigate bed bug problems is to regularly clean your household, checking all pillows, walls, and bedsheets to see if they are clean or not. The best way to stop the problem is to not let it happen in the first place.

Identify all infested areas.

You need to find in which parts of the house they are found. The sooner you find them the less time they have to reproduce and cause bigger problems.

You can find them in:

  1. Between couch cushions
  2. Underneath paintings and frames on the walls
  3. In cracks of bed frames and headboards
  4. Near the tags of the mattress and box spring
  5. In the seam where the wallpaper and ceiling meet

Once you discover one, you must at least catch one in order to determine what kind of bugs you have. In order, you may take the most effective course of action to eliminate the infestation.

Contain the affected areas or objects

Once you already know which parts of your house and which objects they populate. The next course of action is to make sure they do not infect other parts of your house. Infected pillows or bed linens may need to be stored in sealed plastic containers. Until you exterminate all the nasty little creatures hiding in them. 

Kill the bed bugs

Bed bugs are rather easy to kill. Home remedies usually do the job of making sure these pests do not bite you again when you sleep. Heat above 46.11 degrees celsius and intense cold at 32 degrees Fahrenheit kills these pests. Killing by heating is the recommended course of action. After that, you must wash the infected bedding, pillowcases, and other items to get rid of any bugs that may still be lurking or staying after washing.

The use of chemicals and insecticides

It is possible to get rid of these pesky little organisms by using chemicals or pesticides.

All you have to do is look for products that are registered with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. You can also make your own using items found in your home that make a lot of powerful sprays that are effective for bed bugs some examples are:

  1. Cinnamon Powder Spray
  2. Garlic and Cayenne Pepper Spray
  3. Vinegar Spray
  4. Alcohol and Garlic Spray

By using these household pesticides, it is ensured that no toxic substances are ingested throughout the extermination procedure.

Contact Professionals for help

It’s not embarrassing to admit that sometimes you’re way in over your head. If after doing all the tips and you still got bed bugs crawling around your house and leaving you with annoying bite marks. I think that’s the time you call professional exterminators for advice and to help you get rid of your bed bug problem.

In conclusion, Bed bugs are nasty little creatures ain’t it but like all other problems. All you need is conviction and the determination to complete the task at hand to take care of them. Always remember that sunlight is your ally in dealing with bed bug related problems. The heat alone could ensure that they can be prevented and killed. You can now take a deep breath and exhale knowing you are well equipped in dealing with annoying little bed bugs.

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