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Tips to Turn Under the Stair Space into a Bathroom.

No one loves getting their privacy compromised, even if that means keeping your en-suite bathroom to yourself. If you are fed up having your bathroom exposed to guests, this might be the time you start considering adding another loo, shower bath, or and a toilet under the stairs.

If you deem the space too small to set up a fully functional bathroom, you should start looking to cloakrooms, and powder rooms work. The bathrooms can be smoothly squeezed into the most compact under-stair spaces. Just hire a professional plumber and let your creativity dictate the way.

Why Have Extra Bathroom Under the Stairs?

While turning the stair space into a toilet with shower bath space may not be in your thoughts. It is important to know why even people do it in the first place. It is perhaps a becoming an increasing trend. The first thing is that the space available under the stairs is considered a dead space that don’t have any utilization. So, rather than using any other area in a bathroom, making use of it make sense. In addition to that, it significantly adds value to the property. A recent survey suggests that 46% of the potential home buyers consider having an extra toilet with a shower bath a priority when it comes to considering buying a new property. That results in an increase in its value by up to 5%. 

So, whether you are planning to sell the property or want to keep it for your own use. It can be a great makeover or an upgrade that will have a higher ROI.

Tip for Turning Under the Stair Space in Bathroom.

Although it is a small upgrade, you want it to be a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space. To make it possible you should follow these important tips.

Use the Space Smartly

For an under-the-stairs bathroom, space is one of the biggest challenges, especially if you are considering installing a shower inside as well. Most small cloakrooms or powder rooms usually have the basic amenities like a toilet and vanity unit installed for the sole purpose of providing people with a dedicated space. However, there is a possibility of installing a shower bath into that available space as well.

Positioning the toilet right is the first step you should consider. The ideal way to utilize the space is to place the toilet back against the inclined staircase. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting your head bumped by the steep ceiling above.

If the space allows, install a vanity unit alongside as well. In case the space feels cramped up, get a little creative with the décor. Get your shower bath area decorated in a way that enhances the sense of space.

Get Creative with the Door Design

With the inclined staircase leading above, it is almost impossible to fit in a standard door unless you decide on keeping the height short. If shorted doorways are not something you can work with, perhaps arched doorways could be the solution you need. Make sure to keep the width of the door slightly thinner than standard doors to ensure there’s plenty of room inside to work with.

You can also install a secretive door that disappears into the wall exhibiting an element of surprise. These doors don’t usually have a handle/lock and feature the same wall texture, making the entire wall appear as one unless you push open the door accessing a beautiful and compact bathroom inside.

Set the Lighting Right

One major element that makes even the smallest places appear spacious is the appropriate installation of lighting and set of clever color tones. Since bathrooms with a shower bath located under the stairs don’t usually have access to natural light, it is up to you to instill a concept of openness in the room.

Apart from using light color tones that are coupled with a similar organic-inspired flooring, you should add lighting that refracts the themes the best way. You can install a bright ceiling light in the center or choose LED strips going around the edges of the ceiling. They bring an even brighter look when used alongside the center light or create a soothing lighting experience when they operate individually.

Make it Disappear.

If you are living in an old home, then you will know that these are not typically short on space. So, you would want to turn that open space and open feeling into a new bathroom? It may not even be a good idea. An under-stair bathroom with a shower bath can be a great alternative or perhaps a better solution for it. Therefore, what you should do is utilize such a dead space in a bathroom. Not only will it fill the gap that may not look good, but it will make your new under stair bathroom disappear. However, you will need to set your interior in accordance with its bathroom under the stair door. So, it looks like the part of it. That means when closed; no one even notices that there is a small bathroom there. 

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