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Within a bigger virtual event is an area known as a virtual booth. Its goal is to engage attendees in deep discourse. These include images, videos, banners, logos, static text, and even chatbots. The design of the virtual booth could be page-based or 3D. These are very useful as far as an virtual exhibition is concerned as there is a full display established which would ease the whole process.

Attendees can explore a digitally constructed environment where they can engage with virtual exhibitor booths, interact with sponsors, chat with other attendees, and explore areas like a virtual auditorium with on-demand or live streamed content, networking lounges with chat functionality, or sponsored zones.

To understand a virtual exhibition booth fully first and foremost one needs to know how to set up a virtual exhibit booth. One only needs to choose the type of design required and the booth strategy before setting up a virtual show booth. One requires a skilled exhibition designer who can mix the power of online technology with immersive 3D design.

Needs and benefits of virtual exhibition booth

Depending on the needs, the virtual display can be used in different ways.

1. Direct visitors to one’s private, customized virtual booth from a generic, platform-centric virtual booth.

2. Customers are invited to a virtual exhibit booth by digital twin.

3. Use it as an online solo exhibition booth for a one-off event.

4. Use it as a free live streaming platform , like Mixhubb.

The most recent development in exhibitions and business i.e. the virtual display booth, has introduced an intriguing trend. Due to their digital nature, they offer many advantages to business owners. There are numerous other advantages that any business owner might obtain from the virtual exhibition, starting with increased time spent on the website, brand memory, and lead generation. Hosting an event, a conference, a promotion fair, or even an online meeting and virtual exhibition booth is all you need. The following are some of the main benefits of a virtual exhibition booth:

1.     Immersive 3D Product Display

The virtual display booth makes it easier to showcase a product in 3D. Visitors can zoom in and thoroughly view each product, making it easier for them to conduct an in-depth examination of the product that is being exhibited. Even in an online meeting of any genre, it is very useful, be it formal or informal.

2.     Simple to advertise

By simply sharing the showroom’s link, one can promote it over emails, texts, and phone calls. So advertising is very easy and effective. For example, social media promotions, email marketing, SMS, WhatsApp marketing, etc. Although a virtual exhibition booth is already an advertisement in itself as it is an open description of itself.

3.     Booth customization is simple

One can design and deploy the booth as per one’s wish. The virtual exhibit looks identical to a physical exhibition. At any show stand, one can observe brand displays, open space areas, virtual hosts, and much more. Virtual hosts, such as a video of a worker, can be added to the virtual exhibition.

One can offer virtual trade fairs and mirror one’s physical showroom as a virtual exhibition booth. The virtual exhibition provides a realistic way to showcase one’s product.

4.     Improved impact

By having a 360° virtual stand, one may direct visitors away from standard virtual expos and toward an individual virtual booth. “Display the product information in a compelling and immersive way.” When people join a virtual booth, one may greet them with virtual hosts. The virtual hosts can also be utilized to thoroughly describe products. The visitors will feel more at ease if a chat feature is made available in the lobby area which would enable the users to clarify all their doubts and get the required answers.

5.     Simple Navigation

The virtual exhibition has the benefit of easy navigation, allowing visitors to browse through various counters and goods at the booth exactly like they would at a traditional expo. This enables them to access multiple options within the same booth from the comfort of their home and provides the experience of a traditional booth without any hustle.

6.     Connecting globally

Making a virtual exhibition booth makes it possible to interact with potential clients anywhere and at any time. It also helps connect people from all over the world. Potential consumers can visit the virtual exhibition booth by just sharing the website’s link with them. The interaction could be more and more elaborate due to saving time and effort, thereby making the effort on discussing ideas and important things.

7.     Permanent availability

After the initial build and deployment, a Virtual Exhibition booth can be extended for as long as the owner desires. The owner can be of various genres and so would be the category of a virtual exhibition booth. Any upgrades and modifications to the system are handled via annual maintenance services.

8.     Use webinars and live chat to enable real-time communication

Visitors can use one’s virtual booth’s customer care chatbot to get immediate answers to their questions. Additional services that can facilitate connections with visitors include calls, emails, and an appointment scheduler. These alternatives offer businesses a fantastic chance to gather leads and encourage potential clients to purchase the merchandise.


Thus to organize a full-fledged online event, a virtual exhibition booth should be on the top of the online event planning checklist. Virtual exhibition booths are of various types depending upon the requirement. One of the many examples that show the categorization can be Technology Fair/Trade Shows (for example Consumer Electronics Show). Trade exhibits nearly often share similarities with virtual exhibitions in that they aim to market goods or services to attendees. Virtual exhibition booths will soon become the new idea for hosting exhibitions in the digital era where artificial intelligence is taking over the world. Thus, familiarizing with virtual exhibition booths is going to be a must in the future.

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