5 Most Useful Apps You Need On Your Phones Right Now

5 Most Useful Apps You Need On Your Phones Right Now


A glance at any app store is enough to get anyone overwhelmed. After all, there are just so many options out there. To put things into perspective, as per BuildFire, the total number of apps currently stands at over 2.87 million!

With such a significant number of options to choose from, it can get hard to filter them and download apps that are truly helpful. For app users who are looking to only have functionally superior apps on their phones, here are the top five ones you should download (if you haven’t already!)


73 million! As of 2020, Yelp has attracted 73 million unique users on its app alone, as reported by Boost Medical. And the chances are that you have already heard of this app, even if you don’t have it on your phone.

Yelp is excellent for discovering new restaurants regardless of where you are. It is especially ideal for foodies and travelers looking for quality eateries and attractions. The app features recommendations and reviews from other users. It also has lists of new and trendy places to go to within a city.

On top of this, the Yelp app allows you to use its platform to make reservations, book a table as well as order food for pick and delivery. Unlike other quality apps, Yelp comes free of cost at both Play Store and the Apple Store.

By having it on your phone, you can rest assured that you are always ready to make an informed decision about your city adventures.

AirG – Meet new friends

Breaking away from conventional social media and communication apps, one trendy app that is creating quite a rage right now is AirG – meet new friends. This friendship app allows you to step outside your comfort zone and converse with people around the world.

With a subscriber count of 100 million, AirG helps people in connecting with like-minded people, regardless of where they are. Over the year, the app has taken into account prevalent issues to now offer a transparent and smooth experience. So, you can rest easy by knowing that you can meet friends without worrying about any Air G spam.

The app itself is quite fun. AirG allows you to filter your searches based on age, demographic, location, and interest to increase the likelihood of meeting someone you click with. You can also join or form chat groups to ease the ice-breaking phase further.

After being stuck at home for two years owing to the pandemic, such social apps are exactly what you need in your phone to feel connected again.


We often underestimate the importance of grammar. A mistake or a badly formed phrase will never make a favourable impression, whether you are a college student or a devoted professional.

But, mistakes can be made, especially when drafting an email or talking to someone on the go. This is why it is better that you have grammar software on your phone!

One software that has gained quite a lot of popularity for giving credible corrections is Grammarly. While you might be familiar with its desktop extension, it turns out that it has a mobile version as well!

You can download Grammarly from either the Play Store or the Apple Store for free and then use a keyboard that detects your grammatical as well as spelling errors on the go. It may also be used to check for plagiarism.

This app will be useful when drafting social mediaposts, editing documents on your phone, or sending important work emails. The free version gets the basic job done, while a premium version is available for more thorough checking.

Sleep Cycle Power Nap

Do you get tired during the day but fight off the urge to sleep? It turns out you are doing it wrong! Various researches suggest the effectiveness of power naps in boosting energy and reducing the feeling of lethargy.

But, there is a fine line between falling asleep for a limited time and going into a deep slumber. And unless you wake up at the right moment, you will cross this boundary. Sleep Cycle Power Nap works to avoid such instances.

It prevents you from oversleeping during your midday naps by playing a very gentle alarm once a given amount of time has passed after you have fallen asleep. This guarantees that you receive enough sleep during the day.

You can also change the mood to a recovery nap or a single sleep cycle mood. This way, the app will notify you once you are done with your REM sleep. Compared to alarms that don’t take such intricacies into account, Sleep Cycle Power Nap might be a great addition to your phone for managing your sleep schedule.


Do you ever feel paranoid about stepping outside alone late at night? Or maybe you went into an unfamiliar place and felt unsafe? For such instances, solutions like SafeTrek are good apps to have on your phone.

Open the app and press the “hold until safe” button whenever you feel like you are in a possibly unsafe situation. Let’s say you are in a bad situation, let go of the button, and the local authorities will be automatically contacted and be told of your location.

Compared to pepper sprays and location trackers, SafeTrek is much safer since it instantly alerts the right people about your plight.

Start downloading!

Are there any apps on our list that you don’t already have on your phone? Make sure to download them to fully experience the perks of living in a highly digitized world. And for those of you who have your own custom list of must-have apps, do share it with all of us by commenting below!

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