Top 5 Expensive Knives

In America, the distinction between knives has evolved since ancient times. But in the past, the country’s artisans often made combat blades, and today the impeccable quality and superb cutting characteristics of American kitchen knives are highly regarded around the world.

Knife & knives products are very popular with Michelin-starred chefs and home cooks. This is a responsible approach to production: knife & knives are made of high carbon steel and ceramics, the cutting edge has a close angle (up to 15 degrees), and the blade section resembles a triangle with exactly equal sides. , no layer. or protrusions. Expensive knives are made of high-quality materials and have high performance and long service life. Let’s take a closer look at these ciphers.

Damascus Knives set

The Damascus Knife set must-have in your kitchen. Suitable for a wide variety of products: meat, fish, roots, vegetables, fruits, and more. The Damascus Knives set is a professional multi-layered Damascus steel blade, crafted according to ancient Damascus technology, and carefully preserved by the Amerian. The blade core is made of hardened high-carbon V-Gold10 steel, which is durable and can keep sharpening for years even with heavy use. The base is completed with 67 layers of different steel coils with various accessories. They protect the base from damage, making the knife wear-resistant and durable. The handle of the knife is made of a modern material – fiberglass, pleasant to the touch, and resistant to wear.

Knife Sultan pchak

Representing the true Sultan of the Oriental series, designed for cooking national dishes and products popular in the East. t has a distinctive shape: a high tip for a more comfortable grip and a low tip of the handle. This is the perfect knife for cutting, peeling, and slicing vegetables. With it, you can do all the necessary manipulations for cooking, for example, pilaf. From cutting a large piece of chilled meat to cutting vegetables into thin slices and chopping garlic and herbs.

Thanks to its design, this versatile knife can replace several specific blades in the kitchen at the same time. The blade is made of 67 layers of Damascus steel, thanks to which this knife is very strong, wear-resistant,t and quite flexible, sharp on stone with a grit of 5000 #. The hardness of the blade is 61 HRC, and the cutting edge does not need to be sharpened for a long time. The G-10 fiberglass handle is durable in all working conditions.

Knife Super 5 santoku

American culinary experts cannot do without this universal knife, and for many European experts. It has become a viable alternative for the chef. More compact and lighter than a traditional chef’s palm. It fits in the palm of any size hand and doesn’t weigh you down. The tip is lowered on the same axis as the blade, making this blade ideal for cutting and working in an “up and down” technique. Without removing the tip from the plate.

Santoku Super 5 is made of 5 stacked layers of steel and has a hardness of 61 HRC. The double edge, familiar to most cooks, is done by hand on a stone with a 5000# grit. The result is an extremely sharp blade that can retain its original cutting characteristics for years. The handle is made of Micarta, a modern composite material that is not afraid of stress, humidity, and temperature changes.

Blacksmith nakiri knife

It has no equal in vegetable work as this design was created in keeping. In mind all the nuances of cutting technology. The wide rectangular blade allows you to cut vegetable products of almost any density. Whether it’s early cabbage, lettuce, or hard daikon. Sharpening is symmetrical with a 3000# bead on water stones.

This premium series has a brutal look: the side edges of the blade are handcrafted and look authentic. This is not only an aesthetic advantage but also an important operational one. Due to the air pockets in the blade, products do not stick to the side edges, making cutting easier and faster. The tool is made of American AUS-8 single-layer carbon steel with a hardness of 58 HRC. The handle material is Micarta compound.

Chipper MO-V Stonewash

The Stonewash Ax is specifically designed to work with energy and “hit” techniques. The wide, powerful blade easily pierces cartilage, tendons, tendons, and muscle fibers in meat. The ax is suitable for cutting carcasses of birds, rabbits, turkeys, and large fish. The knife has a well-thought-out design: a large sharpening angle, massive weight, perfect balance, and geometry for hard butchering. The shape of the G-10 fiberglass handle is also designed to provide a firm grip and reduce hand fatigue.

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