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External Inspection

It is a myth that a company must be audited just because the law requires it. Auditing and regular bookkeeping contribute to a greater extent to the good results of the company. The lack of proper records and regular audits often forces entrepreneurs to continue running a business under the impression that it is profitable but operating at a loss.

Awareness comes late and the damage done is often irreparable. In this place; a pragmatic approach to External Audit Services In Dubai becomes inevitable. Every business needs the services of qualified and experienced external auditors in Dubai to investigate their accounting matters.

What is an external audit?

An external audit process of ensuring the accuracy of a company’s financial records and operations using the services of an external auditor. External auditors are auditors who work independently of the audit firm. External auditors are required to ensure that all companies comply with UAE government laws. This can help resolve any current or future issues and confirm the authenticity of the organization’s accounts.

What are the advantages of an external audit?

Ensuring compliance with state laws

The UAE government has strict laws regarding financial transactions of small, medium, and large companies. Therefore, if you are doing business in the United Arab Emirates, you can apply for the services of external auditors who can conduct annual audits, which is a prerequisite for the annual renewal of your business license. While the UAE government has implemented VAT since 2018, proper accounting and auditing ensure compliance with the law, avoiding unnecessary legal hassles.

Improve your financial security

Dubai’s best accountants are at your disposal to assess your company’s financial transactions and make sure they are fair and compliant with the country’s laws. A valid audit report from a certified professional accountant is essential when applying for loans and financial assistance from banks to establish credibility. So, hire the best accountants in Dubai to worry about the future.

Ensure accuracy of financial information

Your in-house accountant regularly provides financial information that should be reviewed by a certified professional accountant to help you analyze the current state of your business, whether it is profitable or not, and what changes need to be made to current and upcoming operations. the future.

Prevention of fraud and misconduct

It often happens that there are fraudsters in your company and their movements go unnoticed. By the time this is realized, it will be too late and will cause irreparable damage to your business. Therefore, using external auditing services can help you trace any ongoing financial fraud or abuse. Regular audits by an accountant can ensure transparency and continuity of your accounts.

The need for competence

Not all companies can hire a full-time auditor. This is why most companies here require external auditing services. These auditors may periodically review your accounts to ensure compliance and identify any deficiencies. They may also suggest operational changes to address pitfalls, increase cash flow, reduce interest, pay off assets, etc. They can help optimize overall profit.

Who benefits from an external audit?

Entrepreneurs and shareholders

Entrepreneurs cannot pursue every business relationship. It is advisable to choose the best accountants to keep your company’s balance sheet under control. They can ensure smooth and profitable operations. They can also analyze pitfalls and suggest changes. It also helps business owners maintain the confidence of shareholders by sending them regular financial statements audited by a chartered accountant in Dubai.

Accounting and finance team

Accountants and members of the finance team are responsible for the day-to-day financial operations of the company. Although they are well versed in general financial matters, they need the guidance of the best auditors to review their published accounts, handle complex affairs, and bank finances and stay abreast of new regulations. and regulations. presented by the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Most companies have their own chief accountant and the rest of the accounting team works with an external auditor to resolve issues during delivery.


It is inevitable that all companies in Dubai use external auditors. We, Bestaxca International at Dubai’s leading audit services, are a registered firm providing impeccable audit services to ensure the smooth running and profitability of your business. With a long history of providing the best audit services, we are the most sought-after audit firm in all sectors and industries.

Why Bestaxca?

Best auditors on board

Bestaxca International offers only the best. Chartered accountants, chartered accountants, chartered accountants, and all the professionals needed to conduct a financial audit in Dubai work at Bestaxca and offer their services to their clients.

Long experience in the industry

Finance is a field where experience matters. With decades of experience in accounting and auditing in Dubai, you can fully trust us with your business.

Affordable Price

We at Bestaxca International ensure that our audit services in Dubai will not burn your pocket and are affordable even for small businesses.

Compliance with international standards

With a stable clientele based in the United Arab Emirates and the UK, we adhere to global accounting standards.

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