The Ultimate Guide to Getting Denmark citizenship in 2023

Foreign nationals can only obtain Danish citizenship by legal nationalization, which requires that a legislative majority approve your application. Accepted applications are typically processed twice a year, in April and October, in parliament. Up to April or October, when your application will be completed, you must meet the requirements for Danish citizenship visa.

You can obtain a Danish passport, participate in legislative elections, and establish permanent residency in the nation if you are a citizen. The Danish Immigration Office has long offered excellent options for those who want immigration to Denmark.

The citizenship standards in Denmark are among the most stringent in the world. The Social Democratic government collaborated with the Liberal (Venstre), Conservatives, and Liberal Alliance on a new. more stringent accord regarding citizenship rights in April 2021.

There are 6 Types Mentioned Below:

  • Make a pledge of commitment and allegiance to Denmark
  • Meet the prerequisites for prior residency
  • Have no criminal convictions.
  • Have a full-time employment or have been self-employed for three and a half of the previous four years.
  • Meet requirements for Danish language proficiency.
  • Pass a citizenship test and exhibit awareness of Danish society and values. Denmark visa is must.
  • Special rules apply to children, stateless persons born in Denmark. people whose prior Danish citizenship has expired. And people who are citizens of the Nordic nations. These won’t be covered in this piece.

Assurance of Loyalty to and Allegiance to Denmark

Declaring your commitment and loyalty to Denmark and Danish society is a requirement for obtaining Danish citizenship through naturalization. You must also promise to uphold Danish legislation, including the constitution, as well as the core ideals and guiding rules of Danish democracy.

As you submit your application on the Borger.dk website, you electronically sign the declaration.

Prior Residency Requirements

You need to have resided in Denmark for a certain amount of time and have a permit for permanent residence for at least two years at the time of application (see below).

If you are registered at a Danish address (where you reside) in the national civil registry, you are considered to be a resident of Denmark.

Certain applicants are exempt from one or both of the aforementioned requirements, including Nordic citizens, former Danish citizens, people of Danish ancestry, members of the Danish minority in Southern Schleswig, Germany, applicants who are residing abroad because their spouse works for Danish interests, and applicants who were born to a Danish mother between 1961 and 1978 and who could have obtained Danish citizenship had their mother applied for it between 1979 and 1981.

How Do I Become A Citizen of Denmark?

You can Become A Citizen of Denmark by Doing any of the Following:

  • From Descent: If one of your parents is a citizen of Denmark, you are granted permanent residence Denmark citizenship automatically when you are born. Children under the age of 12 who are adopted by Danes are also given citizenship.
  • By Naturalization: Before you can submit a Denmark citizenship application, you must have resided in Denmark for at least nine years.
  • By Assertion:(Nordic citizens). After residing in Denmark for seven years, nationals of Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden can apply for citizenship by declaration.


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Summing up:

While it is simple to travel to, work in, study in, and live in Denmark, getting Danish citizenship is a different story. Denmark does not play games when it comes to citizenship.

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