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Steps to Make Outdoor Rattan Furniture Look Like New

Rattan furniture, made from natural rattan vines, finds its place in almost all setups, bet it indoors or outdoors. It is comfortable, durable and trendy at the same time. It can withstand very harsh climates and can be used in all situations. 

With rattan garden furniture gaining popularity recently, people throng to places in search of good quality furniture. One of the best rattan furniture stores in the United Kingdom is Rattan Garden Furniture store in Essex. They provide genuine products at very competitive prices. 

If you already have purchased them, you might be concerned about their upkeep and maintenance. Even though rattan furniture is very sturdy and durable, consistent impact of inclement weather can make them look old. In this article, we shall discuss top ways to make rattan garden furniture look like new ones.

How to Make Rattan Garden Furniture Look New

1. Softly Clean the Furniture

As this furniture is meant to be kept outdoors, there are high chances that dust and moisture may settle on it. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust and dirt from the surface and corners. 

Once clean, now mix some mild dishwashing detergent with lukewarm water, dip a cloth in this solution and wipe the furniture throughout including the back, feet and other parts. Now, rub it clean with a fresh cloth dipped in warm water. Let it dry for some time and you can visibly see the difference between the furniture’s condition before and after cleaning.

2. Oiling the Rattan

Rattan may become dry and develop cracks over time. In some cases, discolouration may also occur. If not paid attention to it, rattan may crack and start breaking. This happens primarily because there is no nourishment provided to rattan vines over time. 

The best way to make them lively and return to their original state, it is recommended to oil up the rattan furniture with a very simple liquid present in your kitchen – olive oil.  Olive oil provides the required hydration and nourishment to your rattan furniture. The furniture regains a shiny texture and rehydrates easily giving your furniture a new-like feel.

3. Give Pedicure to your Furniture

Like we go for pedicure sessions to keep our feet nourished, hydrated and beautiful, outdoor furniture also needs proper care of their feet from time to time. Moisture and dust always attack the feet of the furniture first. 

You can simply clean the feet and replace the pads with new ones if there is any wear and tear in the existing one. 

4. Paint the Furniture with Vibrant Colours

In case you find out that rattan has started wearing out or shows hints of discolouration, you can paint the furniture with a colour of your choice. If you want a colourful appeal, you can colour it with vibrant colours like yellow, cyan, magenta, green, orange, etc. If you want a subtle look, you can paint it nude, white, grey, chestnut or black.

Just keep in mind that you use spray paint to paint the furniture as it covers the surface completely and spreads evenly. It is also a very economical method to make your rattan furniture look brand new.

5. Replace Rattan Vines

In some cases, outdoor rattan furniture may not be able to hold shape and may distort or the vines may break or crack. It will not only make the furniture look old but also may be dangerous for you to sit on it. In such cases, it is best recommended to replace the rattan vines. If you are a DIY freak, you can try weaving yourself or send the furniture to a rattan furniture shop to get it weaved again with new and sturdy rattan. Once the old rattan is replaced, your furniture will get a new and rich look.

It is always recommended to carry out basic cleaning regularly, especially when the furniture comes in contact with too much moisture in the form of rain, fog or mist on a regular basis. It will not only help keep the furniture clean but also help you understand when is the right time to get some professional help for its proper maintenance.

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