Some Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minneapolis, MN

Most people know general facts about Minneapolis. For example, the fact that it has cold winters and that it’s the biggest city in Minnesota. Since you’re probably here to learn something new about Minneapolis, without further ado, here are some facts about it you have probably never heard before. 

Less known facts about Minneapolis’ history 

The first bridge to cross the Mississippi River

Six hundred eighty miles of the Mississippi River’s total 2,552 miles flow through Minnesota. This river flows through another nine states. But the first bridge over this river was built in Minneapolis. 

It was built to help the fast-paced industrial development of the city in 1855 by one of the first settlers. Sadly, it doesn’t exist today. One can still visit its remains in the park conveniently called First Bridge Park. 

The first basilica 

Minneapolis is the home of another first construction in the States. Since 1925 the first basilica in the United States is in this city. 

It’s called the Basilica of Saint Mary. It took eight years to build it, and other than being the first, it’s also one of the finest examples of Beaux-Arts architecture. 

The invention of the toaster 

We won’t argue that there are far more important inventions than a toaster. But the fact remains that the quality of breakfast changed forever and for the whole world when this convenient gadget was invented in 1925. 

By now, you probably guessed this happened in Minneapolis. In decades before, there were many different prototypes. But the first pop-up toaster for home use that could brown bread on both sides simultaneously was sold in what today’s known as the Twin Cities. 

Famous locals 

Most people, especially Prince’s fans, know that he was born here. This fact is still helping the blossom of nightlife in Minneapolis. But Prince is not the only famous person the Minneapolitans call their own. 

Charles M. Shultz, the creator of Peanuts was born here too. So you could say his beloved characters Snoopy and Charlie Brown are locals. 

Less known facts about Minneapolis’ geography 

It’s no wonder that the Mississippi river has a lot to do with both the history and geography of Minneapolis. But it’s not the only body of water involved. There are also a lot of lakes. Twenty-two to be precise. Add to that lagunes and ponds, and you’ll see how 6 % of the city is water. 

And speaking of water, you probably heard of Saint Anthony Falls, but did you know that they are the only natural waterfalls on the pretty long river Mississippi? 

When you know all of this, it’s no wonder why the city’s name is translated from Sioux and Greek means the city of water. 

The city of parks 

The early settlers understood the importance of living close to nature and greenery. That’s why they decided to build Minneapolis so that every six blocks have a park nearby. The result is the amazing number of 180 parks that are here today. 

The streets of presidents 

This fun fact is a mixture of history and geography. In Northeast Minneapolis, you can find streets named after presidents of the USA, from Washington to Bush. 

The streets are named in chronological order and it is said that this was done to help immigrants learn the names of the leaders of their new homeland. 

Food facts 

Snickers and Milky Way are locals 

Even though the factory that produces chocolate bars was founded in Washington, the production was quickly moved to Minneapolis. That’s how the beloved candy called Snickers and Milky Way was born in Minneapolis. 

Honeycrisp Apples are locals too

The candy mentioned above is just one of many delicious things created in the Twin Cities. The famous kind of apple called Honeycrisp was also developed here, at the University of Minneapolis. 

So is Bundt cake 

It seems Minneapolis is a city with a sweet tooth because we’re still not done telling you about sweet foods that originated here. Last but not least on our list is the Bundt cake. 

A version of this delicious cake was first made in Germany. Its taste and shape, however, are from 1950 and a work of H. David Dalquist from Minneapolis. Together with a special pan that bears the same name, it has been popular ever since. 

Other kinds of food 

The sweets are delightful, but you’re wrong if you think Minneapolis can’t offer other types of food. It’s a foodie place, so you can enjoy many great meals here. 

The specialties of this city’s cuisine are lefse (Norwegian flatbread), lutfisk (lye-soaked fish), and tater tot hotdish (a tater tot casserole). 

Wrapping it up

So, there you have it, a list of things that chances are you didn’t know about Minneapolis. We hope today you learned something new and exciting about the biggest city in Minnesota. 

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