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Esan rating: The ISKCON is a mobile device security application for Android, I will give you complete details about this software. Also, I will explain how this software works and write a complete list of features it offers. So if you are interested in Android mobile device security, then you are in the right place. Hope you enjoy the fun read. eScan Mobile Security for Android.

EScan Mobile Device Security is a user-friendly application specially designed to secure your Android mobile

Support: If you have any questions or problems, you can create a support request. The customer support staff are friendly and always give their best to help you and you can ask them anything. Gives many options and features: eScan mobile device security provides a very high-end security solution with many features for your Android devices.

 Cons: With so many options and features that this app has to offer; I find no real downsides. The only downside I can give to this app is the price, but as I said, it’s not a big deal considering what this app has to offer.

What is ISKCON Mobile Security for Android?

EScan Mobile Security for Android protects your Android-based mobile device from newly emerging cyber threats (malware and viruses) and keeps you up-to-date with it. This limits unauthorized access of data if the device is lost or stolen. can mobile device security allows you to track your device’s location or raise an alarm if lost/stolen?

There is also a parental control feature that provides an extra layer of protection by blocking unwanted apps and unwanted website categories. In case of loss or theft, you need to send an SMS command from any mobile to the lost or stolen phone and you can. block, identify Deletion of information, or raise an alarm, at the device.

If the unlock attempt fails more than twice, the Lock Watch feature of mobile security takes a snap using the front camera. This captured snap will be sent to the email you specified. The GPS location feature allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the device.

The SIM Timepiece eye will inform you in circumstances the SIM consumes remained altered. EScan Mobile Security keeps you safe even in emergencies. All you have to do is shake the device 3-5 times or press the power button 3-5 times, an SOS message will be sent to the person you specified.

Why should use ISKCON Application for Mobile Device Security?

Well, the main reason is that this app provides everything you need to make your Android safe and secure. You can also make sure your kids are safe by blocking certain websites or unwanted calls.

Features Of Apps

Anti-Theft: Allows remote blocking, data wiping, and SIM viewing, and also help locate the phone via GPS finder. Antivirus: Real-time skimming and defense contrary to computer package, contaminations, and additional cyber intimidations Call and SMS Filter: Facilitates content filtering of calls and SMS based on parameters set through its whitelist and blacklist feature. Backup: Backup and restore contacts / SMS to the memory card. Parental Control: Allows blocking of specific websites and apps. Privacy Advisor: Provides a complete list of apps using device permissions. Application Control: Blocks access to applications unless otherwise specified.

Personal Security: Send an SOS message along with your device location (latitude, longitude) on an alternate mobile number in case of emergency. Watch Lock: Captures a photo of the user using the front camera when the device unlock attempt fails more than twice. Share App: This allows you to share the ISKCON Mobile Security app with your family and friends using Bluetooth or email.

SC EScan Widget: Allows quick access to scan, update, and call logs, also show the anti-theft status, and allows you to optimize the device. Arranged Skimming: Assistances you to agenda an image on the expedient.

Technical Support

24×7 Free Online Technical Support: Round-the-clock free online technical support via e-mail, live chat, and forums. Languages Available – English, German, French, Netherlands, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Romanian, Vietnamese, and Latin Spanish.

Before installing eScan Mobile Security for Android, your Android-based mobile device must meet the following criteria: Operating System: Android 2.2 and above: Minimum storage requirement: 10- 15 MB (with updates) Others: Internet connection

How to install eScan Mobile Security for Android?

Follow these steps to install eScan Mobile Security for Android: You can go to the Play Store app and search for “ISKCON Mobile Security” there. Or you can download the. ask file for eScan Mobile Security for Android from this link: Save this. apk file to your phone memory and tap on the. apk file to install.

After you purchase ISKCON Mobile Security, you need to enter a valid license key to activate the product. The license key will be mailed to your email address when purchasing the product online, or if you purchased a packet, the license key will already be included in it.

 License Activation

You can choose Internet mode or SMS activation mode; Activation through the internet is instant while activation through SMS takes 48 hours. You can lone trigger one certificate important on a unique maneuver.

When you start ISKCON Mobile Security for the first time you will see a screen where you need to enter the following: Enter the license key, the name, E-mail address, the country

You can also activate a free trial there. The trial version is available for 14 days from the day of activation. In the registration details screen, fill all the required details and press the online activation button, it will be activated automatically. You don’t need a key to activate the free trial version.

Device Manager Settings

You must assign device administrator rights to eScan Mobile Security to perform the following actions.

Secret code; When you launch the ISKCON Mobile Security application on your device for the first time, it will ask you to set a passcode for your device. The secret code must be between 4 and 16 digits. ISKCON application cannot be opened without entering this secret code.

Recovering the secret code; ISKCON Mobile Security allows you to retrieve your secret code in case you forget or lose it. You must mention a valid e-mail id in the registration details as the recovery code is sent to this e-mail address.


EScan Antivirus provides security to your Android mobile from malware viruses. It scans your device on a real-time basis on the installation of any new app or downloading apps thus keeping your device safe from all kinds of infections. You can define settings for automatic or scheduled scanning and updates. When you start scanning you can choose between:

Full Scan – Scan all files and folders on the device and memory card. Folder Scan – Scan only selected folders. Memory Scan – Scan all the files (in the data/application folder) of all the applications installed on the device. Optional Update – Update your Android device with the latest antivirus signature updates. You must have an internet connection to download the updates

Parental control

This feature allows you to secure your Android devices from unauthorized access to any category of apps or websites. You can customize the filters.

Steps to set parental control mode.

On the ISKCON Mobile Security main screen, tap the Parental Control menu or tap the drop-down icon to expand and collapse the menu. Mode, Blocked Apps, and Blocked Websites sub-menu will appear.

Mode: Press the sub-menu. The Mode dialog box appears. Tap on any of the following options as per your requirement: Based on mode selection you select websites and apps that are filtered.

Blocking apps

This feature allows you to block all unwanted applications. Follow these steps to start a block application:

Tap on block apps This will display the list of apps; You can tap on each application to block or allow each application. You can also add apps to the exclusion list.

Blocking websites

The Block Websites option displays a list of predefined categories of blocked websites and also displays categories of allowed websites. The website blocking feature is supported only when using the default Android browser and Chrome browser. Follow these steps to start a blocked website: Expand the Parental Control tab and tap on Mode and Choose a site or both modes. Tap on Block Websites It will display the category of websites. Tap in each category to block or allow each category of websites; It blocks or allows websites in that category.

Call and SMS filter

Filtering call and SMS steps; On the ISKCON Mobile Security main screen, tap the Call and SMS Filter menu. Mode, Black List, and White List sub-menu will appear.

Mode: Press the sub-menu. The Call and SMS filter screen will appear.

Specify the following field details: eScan Mobile Security allows you to block calls and SMS from specified blacklisted numbers. EScan Mobile Security allows you to allow calls and SMS from specified whitelisted numbers.

You can see the list of entries blocked calls and blocked messages. Mode: Press the sub-menu. The Call and SMS filter screen will appear. Under the Additional section, tap the Event Log option. The Call & SMS Filter Log screen will appear.

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