Is 60-Ton Hauler Right For Your Construction Job

The construction equipment market is full of amazing equipment. All of them are best in their own way. All you need to do is choose the best and right one for you. We know that the right fit can bring more productivity, efficiency, and profit to your job. When you will go to the market to look for a hauler, you will get to see a lot of options. One of those haulers is a 60 tons truck hauler. People often are unable to decide whether they should choose this giant machine for their job or not.

Actually, the larger machine has more operating and maintenance costs. But this is not true in all cases. Sometimes, the larger machine is not the best machine for your construction site as it may increase the operating cost of your project. The increased budget may also lead to project delays or even failure. Hence, choosing the right equipment is everything you need to have for successful project delivery.

Well, the question still exists how would you determine if a 60 tons hauler can be the right replacement for four A40s? let us find the answers in this article, we are discussing the ways to determine if a 60-ton hauler is the best option for your job or not.

1. Inspect your job site condition

Choosing the right hauler trucks for sale needs a lot of consideration. When you are going to determine if the 60-ton hauler is a right fit for your job, then you first need to evaluate the site condition. Take a close examination of the site by taking all the data and measures. You will be needing to record a GPS location, curves in haul road, hauling distance, and road gradient. All this data gathering, and evaluation is a part of site simulation, and you can add them in the simulation software as well for your ease.

Once you gather the data and entered it into the simulation software, then it will assess you in calculating the measures and estimated cost of the project. You will better be able to evaluate if you should go for the 60 tons hauler or not as the fuel efficiency and other factors may also fluctuate depending on the site condition.

2. Calculate operating hours and cost

This is another important factor in the process. You need to calculate the machine operating cost based on the operating hours. Generally, you need to calculate these thing on yearly basis. For example, you will have to calculate the annual operating hours of the machine on average and then calculate them with the cost based on fuel consumption and other expenses.

3. Evaluate the production

Now it’s time to check the production analysis of the hauler. You need to estimate the average cycle time and average fuel consumption per hour of the machine. This will help you to estimate the operating cost more accurately. Further analysis includes average spot time at the dump, average spot time and loading unit, average load queue time, and average travel time. You can calculate all these times to estimate the production analysis of the hauler truck for sale.


The 60 tons hauler is a heavy-duty machine that is one of the best options for the construction sites, and it can replace the four A40s trucks. However, it doesn’t need to suit all the job sites. In order to evaluate the suitability of this giant machine, you need to evaluate a few things first. In this article, we have mentioned a list of a few things to consider while determining if a 60 tons hauler is good for your job or not.

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