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Shihezi University is a large national university with 10 departments and 21 faculties. According to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Shihezi University is the second largest university in its province and is considered a dual-degree university, which is expected to become a world-class educational institution by 2050.

In this article, we provide a detailed overview of Shihezi University and its MBBS in Shihezi University.

Shihezi University is located in Shihezi city in Xinjiang province, China.

Shihezi in northwest China is a very young city, founded in 1976, whose economic growth is largely dependent on the textile and food industries. In less than 50 years of its existence, it has received the UN Habitat award. This modern city is popularly called the “Little Shanghai of the West”. The most convenient and cheapest supermarket is Price’s supermarket. As a promising city, Shihexi offers favorable employment and business opportunities.

Founded in 1996, Shihezi University School of Medicine began admitting international students to its popular MBBS program in China in 2002.

International airports near Shihezi University

Shihezi Huayuan Airport

About Shihezi University

The School of Medicine at Shihezi University committed to student-centered learning, and faculty members are dedicated to developing a deep understanding of medical science and encouraging students to become successful physicians.

The departments of Shihezi University School of Medicine are listed below

Department of Clinical Medicine

Nursing Care

Preventive medicine


Medical imaging

Medical Humanities


Fundamentals of medicine

Shihezi University School of Medicine has 30 affiliated hospitals, including 10 class III hospitals where graduates of Chinese medicine can start their careers.

The MBBS program for international students of Shihezi University School of Medicine includes four weeks of clinical training followed by 42 weeks of clinical internship.

According to the Pakistan Medical Association, Shihezi University College of Medicine is one of the most reputable international universities in Pakistan.

Shihezi University College of Medicine ensures that students get a diverse experience during their studies. Therefore, the university maintains healthy and friendly relations with international universities. Excellent students selected to participate in international inter-university exchange programs.

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Accommodation at Shihezi University

The Faculty of Medicine at Shihezi University has a six-story building that accommodates international students. Here international students can choose between single and double rooms. For a comfortable stay, the rooms equipped with a bathroom, color TV, telephone, internet and bed linen (including sheets).

There shared laundry facilities and central heating (only in winter). Guests served in the dining room, where healthy and fresh food is served in the morning, afternoon and evening. Drinking water is provided in unlimited quantities. The hostel also has a restaurant for Muslims only.

Benefits of studying MBBS at Shiahezi University

78 undergraduate diplomas and 61 postgraduate diplomas.

Master’s degree and 3-year doctorate in surgery with various specializations.

High level of extracurricular activities and participation of international students

Pakistan’s most trusted university for study abroad (MOE)

International students enrolled since 2002

Sports groups for sports enthusiasts

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Accreditation license

The Ministry of Education of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region fund shihezi University. The Ministry of Education of China administer it. This MBBS University, China registered by the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC), World Health Organization (WHO), Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), International Medical Education Directory (IMED), AVICENA, PMDC and Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.

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Ranking & Recognition

Shihezi University’s global ranking is 2353. According to MOE, Shihezi University is among the top 25 best MBBS colleges in China for Pakistani students to study medicine.

Note: For a complete list of PMC approved MBBS universities in China, please refer to our official website.

Required documents for admission to Shihezi University

See our official website for details of the university’s admission requirements for admission to the Shihi School of Medicine.

Shihei Shihei School of Management (Shihei School of Management)

Valid copies of the applicant’s passport

1 passport size photograph

Letter of guarantee

Medical examination report

University application form

Curriculum vitae of the student

Certificate of no criminal record

When applying to MBBS University in China, we recommend sending photocopies only for the first round as they are not returnable to the applicant. For more important details about MBBS admission in China, please contact us.

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