A Detailed Guide About How To Style Oversized Shirt?

The problem with many oversized shirts is that they’re already made in one-size-fits-all. This means that when you buy a regular fit shirt it will fit perfectly, neither too tight nor too baggy. Then you try on the same brand’s next size up in an oversize or box fit and it looks totally wrong! You can’t emphasize the ‘boyfriend look’ when the guy inside looks like he borrowed his momma’s top.

Style oversized shirts have become increasingly popular recently, particularly in women’s fashion. The oversized shirt is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion. One popular way to style an oversized shirt is to pair it with leggings, skinny jeans, and boots for a casual yet put-together look. Another way to style an oversized shirt is to wear it as a dress with a belt to cinch in the waist, creating a more feminine silhouette.

You can also layer an oversized shirt over a turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt and pair it with wide-legged pants for a chic and sophisticated look. Oversized shirts come in various fabrics, from soft cotton to lightweight silk, making them suitable for any season. With their effortless style and comfort, it’s no wonder that oversized shirt has become a staple in many people’s wardrobes.

How to style oversized shirt?

Step 1:

Apply fresh natural makeup, blush, concealed or foundation doesn’t matter but apply it before loose fit shirt. Choose color that matches your skin tone well!, Tangerine orange shade lipstick will be great choice for this makeup. So choose right shade which suits your lips best! If you want to draw attention on eyes then just use mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow on top lash line and lower lash line. And it doesn’t matter if you apply eyeliner on your waterline or not, but if you want to do that then choose black pencil liner which will be better for creating dramatic eye makeup!

Pick a luminous color for blush and blend it in upwards moving from apple of the cheek to hairline. You can keep lips neutral or use a nude lipstick with a glossy finish to make your look more glamorous!

Step 2:

Add loose fit shirt, a lots of girls don’t know how to wear oversized shirts properly! It is very simple, just put on baggy/oversized shirt over your bra or crop top if you don’t feel comfortable wearing shirt without any layer underneath it. Don’t be afraid of showing your body, just keep it in flattering way by choosing right baggy shirt and using accessories to make your look more edgy and chic!

Step 3:

Choose great jeans or leggings! Loose fit jeans/leggings should be worn over the bump of your waist because it will create a silhouette which is necessary for this style. So choose high waisted wide leg trousers if you want to wear baggy top with leggings. And also don’t forget that loose fit shirts should be tied at midriff or tie up at chest only! It is important thing not to cover stomach part under tie knot. Because we want to emphasize on sexy body curves and use them as our advantage in order to make our look unique and trendier!

Step 4:

Heels, flats or boots will add some height to you and it is an essential thing when wearing loose shirts. Choose great heel height when it comes to high waist jeans, I would say at least 5 inches in order to give a balance in proportions. You can wear booties in winter seasons even with tight jeans, but remember there should be a difference between top part and bottom part of your look so choose right length for everything!

Step 5:

On necklaces go for layered necklaces which are really popular this year because they make statement piece if worn over white shirt. If you want to create boohoo chic style then just pick sandals with gold or silver heel which will give you that look. And finally don’t forget to have cool leather jacket in your wardrobe because it is extremely useful thing! You can use it in every season and every occasion, if needed you can wear baggy shirt over it but there are many other outfit ideas where you can place this trend piece to.

And the last advice I have for you when it comes to styling oversized shirt is choosing right denim shirt or loose fit shirt so it will be flattering on any body type!

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Here are a few tips to help you achieve stylish casualness

1. Vests             

Vests are awesome because they instantly dress up any outfit, even the simplest. They make a great match for shirts in all shapes and sizes, but you definitely need to know how to style them right when pairing with an oversized shirt. Simply put it on top of your shirt after you’ve buttoned up all the way or open it halfway. This will provide shape for your top half without making you look like an old man.

How about when your shirt is oversize? Since vests are relatively slim tailored garments, they’ll bulk out when worn under looser clothing (like an oversize shirt). However, there’s no reason why you can’t rock the look! The trick is, make sure your top part hangs way past hip level. That will balance out the bagginess at the bottom and you’ll achieve a cool casual boyish look.

2. Layer it up / Collar bar

Layering is great for making oversized shirts less boxy looking. It’s also one of my favorite ways to style them because it always looks effortlessly stylish even if you’re wearing ill-fitting clothes (i.e., not-so-well fitting jeans). For layering, I recommend using thin blazers, sweaters, cardigans etc., so you don’t get too hot while making an outfit choice outside in public or at work.

Since this shirt is loose, I went with a thin sweater in a deep blue color to add some interest and a darker touch. At the same time, this shirt is baggy, so I put on one of my favorite vests over it to create a flattering masculine silhouette that doesn’t make the shirt look too big.

Here’s another example that was inspired by 90s boy bands. This shirt is baggier than most regular fit shirts you’ll find in stores, but when worn under a collared tee (i.e., with the collar showing), it looks less boxy and more trendy street wear style with an edge! The key here is making sure your entire outfit is proportional from head to toe, don’t just stuff yourself into a baggy shirt and expect to look good.


After reading this article, it is concluded that oversized shirts are often far more comfortable than their tightly fitted counterparts since they provide more movement and air circulation. Considerable has always been a remark; right now, the fashion industry is making many of them.

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