How To Mine Gold In Minecraft? A Complete Guide

There are many people who are confused when they have to mine for gold. Gold ore is rarer than diamonds, so it seems pointless to use your iron pickaxe on the block. It isn’t. Don’t be put off by thinking that you should just get diamond and forget about it, because there are a lot of other things that gold can do.

Mining gold in Minecraft is a challenging but rewarding task that can provide players with valuable resources for crafting and trading. Gold is a rare and precious material in Minecraft that can be found deep underground in mines and caves. To mine gold, players need to equip a pickaxe and dig down to the appropriate level where gold can be found, usually between levels 5-29. Gold ore is often hidden behind other minerals, so players must be diligent in their search.

Once gold ore is found, players can mine it with their pickaxe, yielding a block of raw gold. Players will then need to smelt the raw gold in a furnace to create gold ingots, which can be used to craft various items, including armor, tools, and decorations. Gold can also be traded with villagers for other valuable resources, such as emeralds. Mining gold in Minecraft requires patience and perseverance, but the rewards can be well worth the effort.

How to find ores in Minecraft?

  1. Make sure you have a iron pickaxe and at least 10-20 blocks of extra space for the Minecraft you will make.
  2. Go to a place where there is gold ore or at least a lot of dirt and gravel (preferably stone as well). The best places are usually underground between layers 16-32.
  3. Make sure you have an iron pickaxe. Gold takes just as long to mine as Iron, so that won’t be a problem for this tutorial. You should also have some torches, maybe even a furnace, too. If it’s night time, I suggest going back until morning so you can see what you’re doing without wasting your torches on lighting up the tunnels because the light from the torches doesn’t travel very far underground, this is especially important if it starts raining mobs start spawning outside!
  4. As soon as you find a piece of gold ore, look for a wall/rocky outcrop that have a space next to it so you can mine it without breaking any extra blocks or hurting yourself. Do not just dig into the wall from the center, if there is another layer between your current layers and where the gold is, then this will destroy everything in its path! All the extra blocks are just wasted time, money and torches because they have to be replaced later on when you’ve completed your mineshaft anyway, make sure that happens by doing it the right way so your mine is as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Pretty much every player who has played Minecraft for a decent amount of time probably wants to know how to mine gold in Minecraft. But there’s a lot more to mining than just digging and hoping you’ll find some and it might take quite a bit of time before you even start seeing any results.

What is the best way to mine gold in Minecraft?

The answer could vary wildly depending on what you’re looking at as being the “best” but if we’re talking about ease of acquiring then I would have to say that using an iron or diamond pickaxe is best because any area which has either one of these will be full of blocks containing Minecraft gold. Not all areas are like this though, and you might have to do some exploring or just dig around a bit more than normal.

How much gold is there in Minecraft?

Well it’s hard to say exactly how many blocks there is of Minecraft gold, but I can tell you that it isn’t as much as some people might make out. The general consensus seems to be something like 1-2 grams per block, and although this sounds like a lot, if you think about what one block represents (6 x 6 x 6) then you should realize that 1-2 grams is not very much at all. You would probably need hundreds or even thousands of blocks to really start gathering any significant amount. From my experience the best areas for finding gold were usually abandoned Minecraft which contained 3-5 blocks per shaft, but I’ve never personally seen a block containing more than 1-2 grams.

But keep in mind that this isn’t really anything to get worked up about because gold has other uses too, and you will find it without having to go out of your way to look for it. If you’re playing on a server then just ask the admins what they have done with the gold mine, or if there even was one. Some servers don’t have any resources at all apart from dirt and stone so there really isn’t anywhere where you can mine gold anyway. Even if there is though, it probably wouldn’t be worth spending your time for since you could spend the time digging around for iron or diamond instead.

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Using a Diamond Pickaxe

What the best is really depends on what you’re looking at it as being “best”. If you want to get Minecraft gold fast then I would usually say that just straight up mining in an area with diamonds is your best bet, but if you’re talking about efficiency then I would say use your iron pickaxe, because iron pickaxes are much cheaper than diamond ones and take less time to make too.

There are no really hard rules here, but generally speaking try to dig horizontal tunnels since this will allow you to move faster since your character doesn’t have to walk back to the pickaxe every time. I wouldn’t recommend going too deep though because this will slow you down a lot and make the venture not really worth it in the end.

If you still think digging down is better, even when it makes you move slower, then try to make a diagonal tunnel since this will allow your character to dig diagonally downwards. Thus allowing them to mine at their top speed while also covering more area than if they just dug straight forwards or upwards.

Digging straight back up again

Digging straight back up again should be done very sparsely otherwise your character might get stuck underground and not be able to get out until they pick each block individually which takes forever and wastes your time. So try digging upwards less often than you would normally so that if your character gets stuck, it won’t be too much of a problem.

I would say that if you’re looking to record times then just use the F3 + t key combination which will show your real time rather than game time. If you are just trying to get gold though I would say either way is equally viable since digging diagonally downwards covers more area faster, but diamonds are usually found closer together at the bottom of diagonal shafts so they could also save some time by digging straight down instead.


After reading this article, it is concluded that one of Minecraft’s most necessary materials is gold, which you’ll require to find diamonds and explore the nether without danger. Mines are the finest site to look for gold ore. You’ll want an Iron Pickaxe or something more robust to mine it.

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