How to Buy Amazon Products in Pakistan

Buying Amazon Products in Pakistan, But Amazon does not deliver any product in Pakistan.  No Problem ,  I have a soloutions . Do not be discouraged: it is possible to Buy Amazon Products in Pakistan . In this article, we tell you how.

To save on exchange fees, do not use your usual bank card. Make the payment in dollars from a dematerialized payment operator like Wise for example.

If you go through your bank, you will lose in the conversion what you saved by buying on the US site, because it will calculate the amount to be debited from an increased exchange rate.

Wise offers a multi-currency account and card that will allow you to make purchases on the internet at the real market rate.


Amazon is a well-known international store that offers a variety of products. People from Pakistan want to  Buy from Amazon in Pakistan. Amazon products are of the best quality and are genuine. PKBAZAAR  provides the solution to all your needs. The trend of orders from Amazon and other international stores is increasing in Pakistan. But there are many hassles that the customer has to go through while buying directly from these international stores. Now it is very easy to  Order Amazon Products in Pakistan.

Order on Amazon in Pakistan

Access to PKBAZAAR is possible with your Pakistani  account. Normally, the site will be in English . If not, go to your account and click on “Language Settings”.

Then, do your search as if you were on the Pakistani  site. To avoid translation problems as much as possible, enter the exact references of the product you wish to purchase.

Finally, you will only have to pay for the object. is delivery in Pakistan possible?

It all depends on the product and the seller. Most of products  and  devices sold directly by Amazon cannot be shipped to Pakistan , due to electrical standards that differ between the two countries. For example, it is impossible to plug an American iron into a European socket.

Why order on Amazon US?


The main advantage of buying  from Amazon is availability. Some products are simply not available on the Pakistani  platform.

Another strong point: the prices. Due to tax differences between Pakistan  and the United States, it is sometimes more interesting to order on Amazon US than on the Pakistan  site.


Shipping costs are the main black spot of Amazon US. First, they are calculated by weight, not volume. For example, if you order a camera, for example, you will pay more than if you bought a tablet.

Secondly, you will have to pay an “Import Fees Deposit” (advance on import fees). This commission is independent of the customs fees that you will have to pay at the Pakistan border ¹.

Note that products purchased abroad are exempt from fees if their value is less than €150. In this case, you will only pay VAT. If the value is greater than €150, you will pay customs fees and VAT.

If you go through a third-party seller, shipping is possible under certain conditions. If delivery is impossible, this will be indicated under the mention “ In Stock ” of the product. You will see “ The item does not ship to France ” (shipping to France is impossible).

Forwarding service

If the seller from whom you buy the product on Amazon refuses to deliver to you in Pakistan , go through a reshipping service with an address in the United States.

Have the package delivered to the forwarder. The latter will then send it to your address in Pakistan  for a fee. Remember that you will also have to pay the shipping costs of the carrier. This option can therefore be expensive.

Order in dollars on Amazon

Have you found the tablet of your dreams from a seller who agrees to deliver to you in US? So all you have to do is pay.

At the time of payment, the announced sum in dollars will be converted by your bank at an increased rate, i.e. higher than the actual rate. You will therefore pay a surplus on the exchange transaction.

Amazon Branded Products in Pakistan

PKBAZAAR.PK  provides original branded products in Pakistan form USA largest e-marketplaces website. If you want to buy branded Amazon products in Pakistan online from top USA website such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, we will give best prices of branded products and delivery in Pakistan. PKBAZAAR.PK  is the best online place in Pakistan for your Amazon products shopping.  Amazon is the largest online shopping platform in the world deals with top brands products like health and beauty products, food vitamins, electronics, fashion, home and kitchen and baby products.

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