Why are Cardboard Boxes best for Shipping Products?

 If we look around in the retail market or shopping malls, most commodities and even basic utilities of life are available in plastic packaging, plastic wraps, containers, molded plastic trays, rigid plastic containers, plastic bottles, and Styrofoam packaging pallets. These plastic materials are mostly non-recyclable and add a carbon footprint to the environment. For reducing the effects of these elements companies and brands switch toward more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that can be reused to save cost as well.

Cardboard packaging provides this solution as they are easy to reshape, and resize and biggest of all can be recycled easily. Cardboard boxes packaging gives better alternatives for handling and packaging, with the personalized touch added with the help of printing and designing.

1: Versatile and Sustainable

The dependency of packaging companies on the use of cardboard packaging is all due to its versatility and multi-purpose trait. This material is easy to handle, mold, and resize as per the functional requirement of any brand. Its unique feature of layering and easily printable quality add a cherry on the top element because cardboard boxes can be customized with logos, slogans, descriptions, and precautions for safe handling of the product.

These boxes are undoubtedly the best sustainable material as they can carry weight and ensure damage-free delivery. As for heavy products, brands opt for materials like corrugated boxes, and for fragile items like jewelry, perfumes, and cosmetics delicately and intricately designed Kraft boxes are good options.

2: Eco-friendly and Recyclable

In several civic societies, the use of biodegradable products is increasing fast, and cardboard boxes with the sign of recyclable logo create a responsible image of the brand in the minds of customers. Most of the consumer base and local body councils are nowadays emphasizing using eco-friendly materials for packaging, to lessen the effect of carbon footprint by the use of plastic items.

Cardboard boxes are eco-friendly and highly biodegradable. Their best result is easy decomposition, to save waste. Several brands have even incentivized their customers on returning these boxes on their special resell points for reusing purposes, which gives a cost-efficient solution. Besides conventional packaging takes decades and even centuries for disposal and plastic material takes a long time for waste disposal purposes.

Cardboard boxes take less than no additional effort of rinsing, sorting, and searching for the specific point of disposal that adds more value for its target audience attraction.

3: Highly Customizable

Unlike plastic packaging and conventional materials, cardboard boxes are highly customizable due to their several benefits of reshaping, resizing, and printing. Brands prefer to go for customized packaging to develop a sense of exclusivity in the retail market. Cardboard printed boxes not only serve this requirement but also add value in promoting a good image of the theme and main idea of the company with the help of printing and designing.

Printing on cardboard boxes is a fast and cheap process. Companies can even print the main traits of their product on the boxes to educate their target audience and create awareness about the ingredients and health factors. Also when some specific signs such as fragile material and eco-friendly are printed on these boxes, it becomes easy for logistic firms to handle, manage and transport these goods as per their nature of production.

4: Create an Ideal brand impression

When cardboard boxes are printed in an accurate way as per the nature of the product, the shipping companies take required precautionary measures to ensure safe and damage-free handling and delivery of those items. Custom cardboard boxes stand out in creating a good brand image in the mind of their target audience due to their customization and presentation of company themes in a better way.

For instance, Neiman Marcus has a specific luxurious outlook of the packaging boxes, along with a brief description of their product nature, barcodes, shipping details, and handling precautions. It creates an exclusive sense of the items being sent to the end user and develops a sense of inclusivity and priority in terms of customer dealing.

For premium products careful handling and damage-free delivery is the major priority of the brand due to the cost of the product, therefore in terms of packaging, they mostly prefer durable materials for sustainable shipping and transport solutions. As a result of a good experience, long-term business relations can be developed and maintained.

5: Cost Effectiveness

Cardboard boxes are less expensive and more practical, as these can be reused and recycled. Talking about the wholesale market, when companies produce items in bulk they also require a massive packaging solution. Customize cardboard boxes provide the best solution as they can be printed, and customize  

Cost is always an essential element in every business, and every product needs proper packaging for reaching its target audience. Brands also need a visually appealing packaging solution to attract a large customer base, for which most of them opt in for cardboard packaging boxes. These boxes are cheap, lightweight, durable, and above all best marketing tools as customers can get first-touch information printed on the boxes.

6: Easy handling and shipping solution

Cardboard packaging boxes provide hassle-free and safe handling due to the details and descriptions printed on the boxes. When details are printed on boxes these can be easy to store and manage. Logistic companies also save their time and effort with this effective solution and distribute the products as per their nature and fragility. Barcodes printed on boxes make tracking effective and distinctive distribution.

We can clearly say that cardboard boxes are an efficient and cost-friendly material in terms of packaging and delivery along with the safest handling of products. This trait makes these boxes distinctive from conventional packaging solutions available in the market. Due to its convenient and sustainable feature cardboard packaging boxes are a widely used medium for shipping and logistics. Choosing cardboard packaging is a win-win combination for brands who care for their customers’ goodwill and develop a sense of environment-friendly image.

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