Detailed Instructions for Customising a Continental GT 650

Despite being the oldest motorcycle manufacturer still in operation, Royal Enfield has a history of poor quality. As a result, most purchasers like to replace factory components with Royal Enfield modification accessories online. The customers eventually find it necessary to browse several online forums and seek advice from other bikers. The experts have compiled a list of motorcycle accessories to customize a Continental GT 650.

Adding Accessories to Your Bike: 

A Crash Bar: 

Due to the bike’s heavyweight, a strong and sturdy crash bar is necessary for safety. However, there is much confusion among people regarding the ideal crash bar. Whether you ride solo or with a pillion determine the answer to this query. A straight rod crash bar looks excellent and is most appropriate for solo driving. This will be your first step if you wish to customize a Continental GT 650. 

Straight-Rod Crash Bar: 

The butterfly and diamond crash bars are ideal for tandem riding. Most riders believe that a diamond crash bar is the safest option. Additionally, a nylon rope wrapped over your crash bar can make it appear attractive and keep it from rusting.


The best option for the exhaust is to use the stock silencer. However, the small thump of stock silencers is typically not liked by people. Therefore, they modify them. Therefore, make careful only to replace the silencer after good running. The best aftermarket options are the short bottles or glass-wool silencers. 

These are both the most excellent solutions because neither makes any concessions. Furthermore, the firm builds the upshift silencers commonly used in older models and are, therefore, the best.


Thunderbird and Classic models from Royal Enfield come with a 55W headlamp, whereas other versions only have a 35W headlamp. HID (high-intensity discharge) lights, which are frequently completely white, render one blind in the opposite way, and preferred by people due to their added remarkable aspect.

HIDs present with the vehicle as standard equipment are acceptable because they are permitted and come in a casing with a reflector that experts call a projector. However, using HID in a typical reflector setup is not tolerable. 

Additionally, many phony products with poor warranties are available on the market, making it challenging to find suitable products.

Increasing the Performance:


Filters are a popular item among enthusiasts, and people typically use them to boost performance and give off a rushing sound. However, the necessity to re-jet the carburettor when switching from the original filter to a performance one is one of the crucial details about Royal Enfield that the general public is unaware of. 

The sound can come through without any power boost if you don’t install this. In addition, there are unique ECU re-maps available online for the fuel-injected variants.

Engine Guard

The engine guards feature thick mild steel tubes that have been dual-coated to prevent corrosion. In addition to shielding the engine from harm, this guard also improves the look of Royal Enfield motorcycles. In addition, the guard has an etched upright Royal Enfield marking that emphasizes the accessory’s authenticity.

To choose your engine guard if you wish to customize a Continental GT 650, Royal Enfield offers various styles and colour options. Typically, there are two sizes of engine guards: tiny and large. Additionally, they come in black and silver hues.

Touring Chair

Long-distance tour enthusiasts can make their trips much more comfortable by purchasing touring seats. Because they employ thicker foam than the factory seats for added comfort, these touring seats are suitable for long-distance trips. This will undoubtedly come in handy if you want to customize a Continental GT 650. 

In addition, they provide added base and lumbar support. For even weight distribution over long distances, the seats have 3D net technology. Finally, adding a stitched Royal Enfield logo and vintage leatherette material to the seats gives them a richer appearance.

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Driver Backrest

This will be the ideal moment to get a backrest if your passenger has consistently complained about discomfort in the back seat. The company has created a backrest specifically for the Meteor that the Royal Enfield Thunderbird models. 

This backrest’s frame features cast aluminium, and the back features an embossed Royal Enfield emblem. Unfortunately, you will need to buy the backrest pad separately as it does not come with one.

Small Rider Seat

Replace your standard seats with low-rider seats if you feel that the stock seats are a touch taller than what you find comfortable for riding. The same 3D technology found in the touring seats is also present in these seats. They have a height decrease of 11 mm and provide a smooth and pleasant riding experience. There are two colour options for these chairs: black and brown.


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