The 10 Best Thai Restaurants In Bangkok

Whether you want to enjoy unusual flavours or classic flavours in Bangkok, there are a lot of Thai restaurants. You can’t find any person who doesn’t love Thai food. The main thing is that Thai foods are made from a lot of delicious spices which are flavourful and aromatic. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Thai restaurants which will satisfy your tastebuds.

The 10 Best Thai Restaurants In Bangkok 

If you want to enjoy Thai cuisine, then you can visit these below-mentioned Thai restaurants, which are located in Bangkok. 

1) Bo.Lan

The Restaurant Bo.lan was invented in 2009 by a couple named Bo and Dylan. This Restaurant offers old-school Thai flavours in your food. The ingredients that have been used for making Thai foods are from around the realm.

2) Blue Elephant

The Restaurant Blue Elephant was invented by a housewife named Noor. She started this Restaurant 30 years ago with her husband. She mainly used her cooking talent in this Restaurant. The outlet of Blue elephant is catered to all over the world. 

You can get this Restaurant in Dubai, London and Paris as well. The Bangkok branch is mainly famous and also a prestigious spot for hosting royal families in Bangkok, VIPs and other official guests. 

3) Le Du

Another great restaurant in Bangkok is Le Du. This Restaurant was opened in 2013 with the goal to revolutionise Thai food. The menu of this Restaurant is created with local seasonal products. The modern touch and innovative recipe will remain in your tastebuds for a long time. 

4) Paste

One of the most understated restaurants in Bangkok is Paste. You will get a variety of delicious curry pastes here, along with the famous cuisine of Thailand.

5) Ruen Urai

Another classic restaurant in Bangkok is Ruen Urai. This Restaurant is mainly famous for its romantic Thai appearances. The menu has been inspired by several regions of Thailand. Some of the attractive delicacies of this Restaurant are Pomelo salad, Pad Thai, Mango sticky rice, and so many. Ruen Urai also has traditional vibes, which will remind you of the past history of Bangkok.

6) Charmgang Curry Shop

Thailand is also well known for its famous curries. If you want to enjoy famous curries with your friends and family, then you can visit this Restaurant. 

The menu of this Restaurant is endless, which means you will get cuisines like green curry, grilled oysters, shrimp curry and so on. It is small in size, but the inner design of this Restaurant will give you positive vibes. 

7) Baannual

If you have a craving for street food in Bangkok, then you can visit this Restaurant. There is no doubt that Thai food from this Restaurant will serve you the best food, which will make you satisfied. 

You will get here Pork neck along with Shrimp curry, and so on. You can recommend this Restaurant if your peers from abroad want to know about Thai restaurants. 

8) Supanniga Eating Room

Supanniga eating room has several branches in Bangkok. The several flavourful dishes such as Pu Jab Crab, a style of fried Chinese cabbage and so on.

9) Thip Samai

If you are in Bangkok and want to try the best pad thai, then it is great to visit Thip Samai. In 1965 this Restaurant was established. The famous menu of this Restaurant is several kinds of Pad Thai along with bottled orange juice. 

One of the delicious cuisines of Thip Samai that differentiate it from other restaurants is Chanthaburi rice noodles. It is mainly sun-dried and soaks the flavours of shrimp and sauces, which are too soggy. The process of making pad thai noodles is burned in hot charcoal.

10) P’aor Restaurant  

Another one of the best restaurants is P’aor Restaurant. You will get an endless menu at affordable prices. The main delicious cuisines are creamy Tom yum noodles, fat shrimp, steaming large bowls and so on. 

Additionally, there is no English version of the cuisine of this Restaurant. So be prepared to pronounce those dishes in their regional language. 

The National Food Of Thailand

The national food of Thailand is Pad Thai. It is mainly tourists’ preferred cuisine on Kho San road in Bangkok. You can enjoy this fried noodle at affordable prices, and it is delicious as well. It is mixed with peanut sauce, either with shrimp or chicken. The recipe is very simple. You can make this dish at home easily. 


We have discussed the ten best restaurants in Bangkok above in this article. Apart from that, there are many restaurants where you will get delicious food. 

But those restaurants are mainly famous and well renowned in Asia and the entire world as well. Not only are they limited in Thailand, but you can also visit their outlets abroad as well. 

We hope you found this article helpful. In case you have queries, please comment down below.

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