7 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore with Family

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and is popularly known as the Silicon City of India. It is a vibrant cosmopolitan city with people from different parts of the country residing here.

The city is famous for Forts, Palaces, Botanical Gardens, Wildlife Parks, Malls, Devotional Places, Waterfalls, and Lakes. 

Here are a few best places to visit in Bangalore with family.

1) Bannerghatta National Park

2) Lal Bagh

3) Cubbon Park

4) Church Street

5) Bangalore Palace

6) Nandi Hills

7) ISKCON Temple

1. Bannerghatta National Park

If you are looking for a place for a one day outing in Bangalore for family, then the Bannerghatta National Park is the ideal place. Located nearly 22 kilometers away from Bangalore, it received a National Park tag in the year 1974.

You can easily reach this park from Bangalore and can see a variety of Flora and Fauna. You can see the children’s park, butterfly park, snake park, aquarium, zoo, animal park, and crocodile farm. Visitors can tour the park through the popular Jungle safaris nothing but the closed safari vehicles.

2. Lal Bagh

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, or Lalbagh, is one of the best places to visit with family in Bangalore. It is a popular place with nearly 200 years of history and several international tourists come here to study and conserve plants.

Spread across nearly 240 acres, it is a paradise for nature lovers. It has around 1900 species of plants with the famous flower show happening every year. It has several pond herons, parrots purple moorhen, crows, mynahs, common herons, and Brahminy Kites.

3. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, also known as Sri Chamarajendra Park, is an amazing breathing space located in Bangalore. Built in the 18th century, bamboo, flowerbeds, big trees, and grass are famous in this park.

People started calling Bangalore a “Garden City” from here. Spread across nearly 300 acres, this park has around 6000 trees and you can also visit places like the Cubbon Park Museum, Attara Kacheri, Bangalore Aquarium, and Seshadri Iyer Memorial Park.

4. Church Street

Church Street is one of the busiest streets in the city of Bangalore. It is approximately a 750-meter stretch which is parallel to the popular MG Road connecting the Brigade and the St. Marks Road. The famous New Year celebrations happen here in Church Street.

This is also a famous business and shopping center. Church Street remains crowded on the weekends, holidays, and festive season. You can find bookstores, arcades, gift shops, restaurants, tattoo parlors, music shops, and cafes here.

5. Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is a royal palace built in the mid-18th Century. Many public events, cultural shows, music shows, and marriages happen here every year. This palace is spread across a massive 45,000 square feet and is built in the style of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture.

You can find the fairy tale ballroom, vine-covered walls, granite seats with fluorescent blue ceramic tiles, a durbar hall, and paintings from famous painter Raja Ravi Varma.  Audio tapes in Hindi and English explain the history here.

6. Nandi Hills

One of the nearest places to visit near Bangalore is Nandi Hills. This is a popular tourist spot and is a prime attraction here. It is located nearly 60 kilometers away from the city and 10 kilometers from the town of Chickballapur. People used to earlier call this hill as “Anandagiri” which means “The Hill of Happiness”.

Nandi Hills is considered to be a weekend spot and you can find the place crowded on weekends and holidays. In 1986, the first SAARC Summit was held here. Camping, paragliding, sightseeing, and walking are the activities done here. Locals often visit this place to relax from their busy schedules.

7. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple is one of the best family places to visit in Bangalore. This is an important Hindu Temple in India. People call this temple as Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra Temple and you can find the deities of Radha and Krishna here.

The temple administrations perform the Janamashtami, Gaura Purnima, and Radhashtami celebrations in a grand manner and devotees participate in huge numbers. Open to the public since 1997, you can visit six shrines here. This temple is also famous for social service and is open from 4:30 a.m.

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