Are Sharpies Non-Toxic

If you are fascinated with getting a permanent tattoo on your body, you must try a temporary tattoo first to see the results. If you are happy with the results of your temporary tattoos, you must go for a permanent one. Several options are available for temporary tattoos, but making a temporary tattoo using sharpies seems the most decent. But do you know if sharpies are non-toxic and can be used on the skin for tattooing? Well, in this article, all your doubts regarding sharpies would be cleared.

What are Sharpies?

Sharpies are permanent markers that come in different styles like twin tip sharpie, retractable tip sharpie, ultra-fine sharpie, fine tip sharpie, extra bold sharpie, chisel tip sharpie, and many more. 

Are Sharpies Safe to Use?

Sharpies are made of several solvents which can be toxic or non-toxic. Though some of the sharpies bear the “non-toxic” label as per the reports of The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI), still there are other varieties of sharpies that contain certain solvents which can’t be used on the skin. Out of all the categories of sharpies, “Fine Point Sharpies” are considered the safest ones and can be used on the skin. The other varieties of sharpies like Sharpie King Size, Sharpie Magnum, Sharpie Touch-Up, etc. are harmful to be used on the skin as they contain the chemical compound, “Xylene” that can cause severe side effects like nausea, headaches, rashes, drowsiness, and in worst cases can cause organ damage. According to various sources, “Fine Point Sharpies” are considered the safest ones but still, they should not be used near the mouth or eyes.

Ingredients of Sharpie

The ink of sharpies is made up of cresol, diacetone alcohol, n-propanol, and n-butanol. All these chemical compounds are used in very fewer quantities, still, they can cause severe side effects to the person. Cresol is a chemical compound that is mainly used in paints, textiles, disinfectants, pesticides, etc. A severe allergic reaction to cresol can cause skin rashes, burns, allergies, etc. The chemical compound n-butanol is used in coating, polishing, cleaning, finishing industries, food beverages, food coloring, etc., and is safe to be used. Still, it can cause allergic reactions if used near the eyes. Diacetone and n-propanol have several other usages too but can cause allergic reactions if they are exposed for a longer duration.

So, all the above-mentioned chemical compounds are safe to use but only in small quantities and in fine point sharpies, all these chemicals are used in very fewer quantities so these sharpies can be used on the skin. Still, it is advisable not to use the sharpies near eyes, mouth, wound, cut, etc. else it can cause severe bad skin condition.

Out of all the categories of sharpies, “Fine Point Sharpies” are considered “non-toxic” and can be easily used on the skin.

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpie permanent markers feature a fine-point tip that is perfect for creating slim lines. They dry quickly and produce little odor, making them a great choice for writing, doodling, and labeling. And, they have a 0.5mm ultra-fine tip that won’t smudge, smear, or stain most surfaces.

Sharpie markers have the advantage of being AP-certified and non-toxic, which is important for those who work in an environment with children or are allergic to chemicals. These markers have long-lasting ink and are made from durable materials. They also won’t bleed through most papers, which is great for pens and journals. To clean them, simply dip the tip in rubbing alcohol.

Sharpie markers have better adhesion than most other permanent markers, and they last longer than other brands. They are resistant to harsh weather, too. And, unlike most other markers, Sharpie’s ink won’t smear unless you remove the cap. They also come in a variety of bold shades and different widths. They’re also safe to use in public environments, as they don’t contain talc.

Sharpies are AP-certified non-toxic and safe to use, but you should never place them near foods or your mouth. Whether you’re using them for art, crafts, or just for decoration, they should always be stored in an area out of direct sunlight, as direct sunlight will dry them out more quickly. And, if you’re using them on a wood surface, remember that they shouldn’t be placed directly on the surface.

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Methods to Remove Sharpie Tattoos

Sharpie tattoos are temporary forms of tattoos and can fade away automatically within a few days but if you wish to remove your tattoo before a certain period, you can do it by using soap and water. You can also use wet wipes or pour rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad to remove it.

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