8 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Bike Service On Time

Bike service on time has of integral importance for all motorcycle owners and even those who are thinking to buy Hero bike online. It enhanced your motorcycle’s life, and running condition enhances performance, and prevents unexpected issues while riding at a far-off distance.

If you properly maintain your motorcycle with timely service, then you have a high chance of seamlessly running your motorcycle to any choice of place. It allows you to ensure the long-lasting condition of your motorcycle. During the service process, you can even place the broken-down Hero parts with genuine products to improve the engine’s performance, speed, mileage, and riding comfort.

List of reasons Why Timely Bike Service is Important

As we have already mentioned about the importance of timely servicing your motorcycle, here are a few listed reasons to let you better understand the process.

1. Ensure Optimum Fuel Efficiency: Timely servicing of your motorcycle ensures a great deal of running performance by fixing the current mechanical and technical issues. A bike service further involves cleaning various parts including air filter, spark plug, and other components. All these result in the effective performance of your bike and ensure an optimum set of mileage in the long run.

2. Bike Runs Seamlessly: After experiencing timely bike service, you will ensure an improved bike’s acceleration, braking system, running condition, and efficiency of mechanical functionalities. Overall, it helps you run your motorcycle smoothly across a long range of distances with ease.

3. Bike Spare Parts in Running Condition: Changing the Hero spare parts or any other motorcycle parts is another major consideration of taking your motorcycle for regular service. Timely changing the old spare parts of your motorcycle, oiling the components, and even lubricating the chain provide a better life to the bike and are sure to run for a long-lasting time.

4. Fewer Chances of Breakdowns: Regularly checking the broken motorcycle parts, lubricating the components, and fixing the issues certainly increase the chances of fewer breakdowns. You will have complete peace of mind riding your motorcycle to a short and far-off distance.

5. The Better Resale Value of the Bike: If you plan to resell your motorcycle in the near future, then also an ideal condition two-wheeler helps you get the best price. A seamless running condition, original spare parts, and optimum mileage capacity motorcycle will have high resale value.

6. Claim Warranty Easily: Several times motorcycle manufacturers refuse to provide warranty benefits to your motorcycle if the vehicle is not in good condition. It could be due to broke lights, accumulation of dirt on the engine, or any other mechanical fault. However, servicing your motorcycle by booking online service enables you seamlessly take care of it. As a result, the bike will stay in a better running state and you will easily get the desired choice of warranty from the company.

7. Low Wear & Tear Expenditures: Regular servicing of the motorcycle implies good running condition and optimum level of performance on distinctive road conditions. Another benefit you experience is low wear and tear situations because all the parts and components are thoroughly checked and the required ones are replaced during the servicing phase. That’s why you will face the least wear & tear expenditures if anything happens to your bike unexpectedly.

8. Long-Lasting Running Life: If you want to ride your motorcycle seamlessly for the next few years, then it is relevant to undergo regular service. On-time check-ups of the bike’s mechanical and technical components surely help increase the running life span. Thus, it allows you to ride your motorcycle across distinctive road conditions for the next few years.

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Things to Look After While Giving Bike for Servicing

There are several factors that you need to consider while giving your Hero Motocorp or any other brand of motorcycle for servicing. More specifically, you need to follow a few points.

· Changing Engine Oil: When you give your bike for servicing, make sure the service center experts change the engine oil. It is relevant in terms of enhancing the mileage capacity of the motorcycle to an optimum extent. And it is the basic process of servicing your motorcycle and changing the engine oil every single time.

· Checking Tire Condition: Frequent bike traveling across several kilometers is sure to exert a great deal of pressure on tires. As a result, the air inside tires gets slowly deflated and requires continuous inflation. Thus, ask the service center experts to examine your bike’s tire condition, add the air, and fix any issues.

· Fixing Bike Chain: The motorcycle chain is an integral part that requires regular care and service. While giving your bike the regular service checkup, make sure to clean and lubricate the chain properly. In the event of any broken chain links, do change the same with the help of professional experts.

· Repairing or Changing Brake Pads: It is too dangerous to head out on road on your bike while having loose or faulty brakes. No matter rear or the front motorcycle brakes, they need to be checked in advance before riding. Even at the time of bike servicing, ask the service center experts to add oil to the brakes, get them to tighten, or even chance the brake pads with genuine products.

· Cleaning Air Filter: The air filter is another imperative component of your motorcycle that ensure air passes through the engine. It performs the additional function of trapping all the dirt and dust inside and preventing the same to the engine. As a result, over a period, the air filter gets cluttered with grease and dirt. Therefore, it is essential to get it cleaned during the bike servicing process.

· Checking the Battery Charge: Another factor to keep in mind while giving your motorcycle for servicing is checking the battery power. Do ask the service center authorities to charge your bike’s battery well on time before giving the delivery.


You have spent your hard-earned money on buying a favorable choice of motorcycle be it Hero Xpulse 200 4V Rally Edition, Splendor+, Glamour Xtec, Passion Pro BS6, or any model. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain your bike with a regular service check, changing of Hero parts, cleaning, and rubbing. Simply consider all the points mentioned above best give your bike for servicing and ensure the last lasting life of the vehicle.

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