7 Tips to Make Your 3D Renders More Realistic

A 3D-rendered model is more beautiful than a picture. One can use rendering images to introduce a new design. A realistic image will help you to introduce your design to the shareholders so that they can give reviews on your product before making a costly physical model and they will also help you to get interest, demand, and sales. You may install the best 3D rendering softwareto get ideas about making your 3D renders more realistic.

In this article, you will be able to get seven outstanding tips that you can apply today to make your 3D renders more realistic.

Tip 1: Keep Your Virtual Product in A Natural Environment

If you keep your virtual product in a realistic background it will help your viewers to discover your model in real life that is already prepared for use. You have to try to make the background more realistic so that the overall picture may look more convincing.

One of the best examples of a realistic background is a real background which has no exception. A real background means an image of an environment where your product may prevail.

Tip 2: Use Rounded Edges

You have to observe closely the objects of the real world if you want to create realistic 3D images. You will find that the objects come up with soft edges generally. The manufactured products do not come up with razor-sharp edges. Most 3D artists take the wrong step by making sharp edges.

That is why the products look completely unrealistic. That is why you have to inspect whether the edges of your 3D models are a little bit rounded. If you do not have any idea about it you may download any jewelry tendering softwareto get the best 3D jewelry design.

Tip 3: Motion Blur for Animated Renders

If you want to render animated scenes you may have to use motion blur to mix the frames as a subject that moves very fast in a scene. This type of effect was captured by the older cameras. But nowadays, cameras come up with high-speed shutters that have discarded motion blur indirectly.

Tip 4: Color Aberration

You will find color aberration in real-world photography. If a lens can not render all the color channels at the same meeting point you will find this effect to occur. For this, you will be able to find a delicate show of red and blue outlines in high-contrast edges.

Color aberration does not happen naturally in CG lighting but it can be organized by using Photoshop. You have to just offset the blue and red channels of the render with the help of a pixel. If you want to know more about this you may install any 3D Rendering Software.

Tip 5: Add Asymmetry

If you turn on symmetry it will help the artists to make the best modeling character. But if you want to create photorealistic 3D renders you have to turn off this feature. In this way, you will be able to make realistic scenes. This help to add a unique appeal to your image.

Tip 6: Master Rendering

If you are using a particular 3D modeling softwareyou have to check that all the materials of the scene are suitable for that perfect software so that you can prevent any strange behavior in materials at the time of rendering.

Tip 7: Model Efficiently

You need to move your camera around inside a 3D image to learn the preferable points of view and frame shots before detailed modeling. This will help you to model whatever is visible to the camera and save you valuable time.


It’s hoped these tips will be useful for you and help you to make your 3D renders more realistic. 3D jewelry CAD designis very popular these days. One may join some courses to make better 3D rendering.

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