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6 Preventative Home Projects to Do Before Summer

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Summer is a time to barbeque, plan beach and pool days, and sip iced drinks as the kids play. With so many weekend activities to organize, home maintenance or repairs are likely low on your list. An early summer home care checklist might save you stress and avoidable repairs. Read on to know the summer home upkeep checklist that might save you from extra housework and unanticipated expenses.

1.Begin Counterclockwise Rotation of Your Ceiling Fans

In the summer, you want your fan to spin counterclockwise to push cool air down rather than the other way around. If you reside in a humid region, spinning your fans in this direction also helps pull moisture out of the airflow, which is excellent news.

When operating your air conditioning and ceiling fans, make sure they’re spinning counterclockwise. This will enable you to chill your home more effectively, including increasing the temperature of your air conditioner by a few degrees. Low-speed fans will produce an excellent downdraft and aid in the redistribution of cooler air throughout the space.

2.Trim Trees and Shrubs Back From Your House

Shrubs and trees that grow around your house can give shade and provide shelter for birds, wasps, and other tiny animals that are welcome in many yards. Trees that grow over your roof, on the other hand, can attract squirrels and other animals, while vegetation near your siding might attract bugs and cause water damage to your home’s structure. Keep plants and trees away from your house and away from your outdoor air conditioning equipment.

3.Inspect All Plumbing Fittings for Signs of Damage or Leakage

Cracks can form in the material of your outdoor pipes if they are exposed to the sun for a lengthy period during the summer. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive inspection of both your indoor and outdoor plumbing systems to ensure everything is operating as it should be.

Sometimes outdoor plumbing may not be a priority over the summer, but now is the time to fix it. If you’ve been waiting for the earth to thaw to conduct outside underground drain work, now is the time. If your sprinkler water supply needs a vacuum valve or backflow preventer, call the plumber. Fix cracked or leaky garden hose pumping stations or water pipelines, and consider extending your outdoor water supply.

You’re encouraged to thoroughly inspect your apartment’s drainage system before the summer months, but pay special attention to your bathroom and the odors it emits.

4.Check the Smoke Detectors

In most cases, a smoke detector serves as a preventative measure for homeowners, but to maintain it working properly, homeowners must do routine maintenance. Check and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors throughout the summer months, as they’re more likely to overheat. Replace the complete system if the smoke detector is over ten years old.

If your inside appliances or systems have been checked and fixed, the next step in summer home improvement is to focus on the exterior of your property.

5.Gutter Cleaning

We understand that cleaning gutters are one of the most hated summer home maintenance tasks, but that shouldn’t deter you! Summer storms can amass debris in gutter systems, which can cause damage if not remedied.

Cleaning your gutters will guarantee that rainfall flows freely from your rooftop and that your home’s exterior is protected from water damage throughout the summer. If you see a lot of damage while inspecting your gutter system, consult an expert to determine whether you need to repair it.

6.Refrigerator Maintenance

Depending on the area and how harsh the summer is, you may want to adjust your refrigerator or deep-freeze temperatures. You must keep the appliance in good shape because it works hard to preserve its contents. Vacuuming the coils removes debris and dust that restricts the fridge’s operation. Always switch off and unplug the appliance before doing this. Routine refrigerator maintenance and cleaning can extend its life.

Evaluate your preventive maintenance activities, particularly those scheduled during the summer, to verify that you’re addressing any concerns that may occur due to weather changes. Ensure you have methods for exterior tasks that occur solely during that whole time of year, like gardening and care for exterior structures like the parking lot.

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