5 Trends in Snacking from 2022 That Will Persist in 2023

Snacking has transformed from being a mainstream habit to an industry that is worth multi-billion dollars. The quick growth of this industry can be attributed to dietary restrictions, changing preferences of consumers, and more. 

Of late, consumers are buying snacks intentionally and are looking for experiences and brands in their purchase such that it matches their values without any kind of compromise on taste. This transformation has given rise to several trends. Here’s a look at the top snacking trends in 2022 that will continue into 2023 as well. 

Demand for Global Flavors

In 2022, there has been an increase in the demand for global flavors, according to food and beverage industry analytics. The global market for ethnic foods is likely to grow 11.8% CAGR through 2026. This trend gives consumers a chance to taste snacks from other countries. The subscription boxes of snacks from various countries show a rapid increase in numbers. Earlier, manufacturers were exploring only spices from across the globe, but now, they have started enriching their snacks with flavorful ingredients such as serrano and lemongrass. 

Chips for All

Talking about chips, there’s a chip to suit every individual’s taste irrespective of their dietary preferences. From salmon skin chips and chicken skin chips to keto-friendly, high-protein chips that blend bone broth, egg whites, and chicken breast, there’s an extensive range to choose from. 

On the other side, plantain chips and banana chips are being made available in new flavors for people who prefer something savory like herb and garlic or lime and chile. For people with a sweet tooth, the same is available in churro and cinnamon flavors. Even while choosing chips, many people are health-conscious and opt to go for something that is good on the wellness aspect. 

Plant-Based Snacks

As a part of the increasingly trending plant-based diet, plant-based snacks are also in high demand. More and more people prefer to have snacks that use mainly plant ingredients. This sudden interest is mainly due to health concerns. While some people prefer plant-based snacks for general health reasons, there are others who wish to reduce the environmental impact. A few examples of such snacks include plant-based bars, vegetable chips, popcorn, granola, fresh fruits, dry fruits, and smoothies. 

Snacks as Meals

Due to the hectic lifestyle that most people lead today and reduced access to dine-in restaurants, many people have started substituting snacks in place of meals. Seeds, nuts, and trail mixes lead the global wellness and health snack market. Protein bars closely follow these snacks. The other popular snacks that are replacing meals include nut butter treats, flavored boiled eggs, cheese and meat treats, and sausages. 

Snacks as Mood Foods

Snacks are considered to be foods that help with mood regulation and improvement. Many such snacks claim to have ingredients like nootropics, adaptogens, vitamins, and mushrooms to promote sleep, calmness, energy, and focus. 

Many consumers who take stress management and mood support have turned to drinks or snacks with the same ingredients, as per food consumer insights.

So, this wraps up the list of snack trends in 2022 that will persist in 2023 as well. These trends will most certainly transform the food industry in the coming days. From the popularity of plant-based snacks to the mood enhancing snacks, there is one aspect that associates all these trends together i.e., the reducing importance of taste and the increasing importance of wellness and sustainability.

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