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5 Principles Of A Compelling Brand Storytelling You Must Know

Brand storytelling is a fresh marketing strategy among people who are getting tired of advertising. It is undeniable that today’s audience will always be presented with various kinds of advertisements that appear in various media.

Either through television, radio, cellphones, or even banners along the road. With this continuous frequency, people become bored and often even ignore these advertisements. This makes the ads that you run become ineffective.

Thus, we need a new and fresher way of marketing so that it can attract attention. One of which is brand storytelling, the use of an interesting and emotional story in introducing a brand can inspire the audience to follow and even watch the ad to the end.

Brand storytelling helps offer companies the opportunity to personalize their brand and build customer engagement. Developing a successful brand storytelling strategy can help your audience learn more about your brand and your business goals.

According to various studies, it turns out that many young people and adults are more interested in seeing advertisements with the concept of storytelling. However, making an interesting story and getting the audience interested in an ad is not an easy thing. 

Thus, here are five principles of brand storytelling that you need to know.

1. Know Your Audience

If you want to run a successful brand storytelling strategy, you need to tailor your story to your target audience. For example, if you make a beverage product for teenagers, you have to bring up stories about the lives of teenagers.

You can start by determining the most appropriate demographics for your brand, find out what motivates your target audience, what they like and don’t like, and so on.

The characters and stories your brand creates must match the people your business is targeting. In addition, don’t forget to adjust the language style used as a way to create an effective brand story for a predetermined audience group.

2. Use Videos

Video content is the most popular content among marketers because this content can attract the audiences’ attention. Video content is especially easy to share and has great potential to go viral. It will be a good strategy to reach a wider audience.

There are several types of videos that you can use to implement compelling storytelling, such as explainer videos, How-to videos, whiteboard videos, etc. However, you can double-check the video marketing checklist to help you ensure your brand tells a good story.

Most people tend to interact and easily remember stories that are presented with appealing visuals a.k.a presentation videos. That’s how story-driven videos can help customers understand the plot and narrative in minutes.

3. Be Authentic to Stand Out

The next principle of compelling brand storytelling is original and authentic stories that can build trust and build strong relationships with your potential customers. Most customers will know sooner or later if your brand is copying another brand’s story or if your brand story is fake.

Being authentic to stand out from your competitors is key in branding. So, it is important to show your human side, and let your personality shine through your story. Remember, it is your story that makes you unique and sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Stories That Can Trigger Emotions of Potential Consumers

The next principle that you should do is to raise stories that can touch the emotions of the audience so that the advertisement can be interesting and memorable to the audience and even has the potential to go viral.

Interestingly, brand storytelling can trigger the emotions of your potential customers so that your customers take action to go down to the sales funnels and make a purchase. Emotion drives action and you want people to take action. 

Therefore, try to create a story that can bring consumer emotions up and down while watching the advertisement and gain a good impression that you have created.

5. Be personable to Humanize Your Brand

The next tip to make the story of your brand more compelling is to tell the true origin story of the brand. You can start by telling a story about why you decided to start a business. An honest story about how someone started a business can be a great way to connect with consumers. 

This story of a person as an individual is very effective for personalizing your brand. State how your vision and mission are and include how consumers influence how your brand operates. It helps to humanize your brand and gain the trust of your potential customers.


Introducing a brand to the public can be a challenge without the right strategy. In this case, most people are easily attracted to brands that have a strong story that shows who they are. Therefore, brand storytelling can be the right strategy for you to attract your target audience.

You can use the five principles of compelling brand storytelling above to attract customers’ attention and build your customers’ trust. That way your business can compete with other competitors. So, start taking action in making brand storytelling your marketing strategy.

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