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5 Home Repairs You Should Not Do Yourself

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Today every kind of renovation or repair can be found online with many illustrations and step-by-step videos to guide you. While there are home repairs that anyone with modest experience can tackle, you should not do some home repairs yourself. They include:

1. Gas Appliance Repairs

A standard home has multiple diverse appliances that need gas to operate. It can be the oven, to dry your clothes or even the water heater. Repairs when dealing with gas can lead you to a path of danger. Accidents can occur when doing tasks that you think are within your capabilities, like replacing a water heater. Gas can leak even when you have done an excellent job in taking all the precautions when repairing, such as cutting off the gas supply first. The result of the previously thought simple fix can cause accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, which kills people.

2. Roofing Repairs

Roofing repairs are not recommended because it is easy to fall off. Getting up on the roof with your tools is a tough job with potential injury or even death risks. A slight slip on the roof will lead you to fall off a second-story roof. Whether performing major or minor fixes on your roof, it can still be dangerous, and you should not try to do them yourself. Instead, get an expert roofing company in Austin to help with roofing repairs if you are in the area. Apart from the danger of falling off the roof while doing repairs, you should also get a professional to get an excellent fix and avoid risks of a leaky roof and other expensive damages.

3. Asbestos Removal

This mineral occurs naturally and has been used for its insulating properties for many years in older businesses and homes. Asbestos is heat and electricity resistant and a good acoustic barrier. However, the mineral was discovered to be toxic and banned in America in 1989 by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The ban stopped the mass use of asbestos as an insulator, but no provisions were given for businesses and homes that already had it.

It is possible to DIY asbestos removal, and it is highly not recommended. This is because the removal of asbestos has inherent dangers of toxicity and can pose a danger to people nearby, including neighbors. The asbestos abatement teams are usually hired to remove it.

4. Plumbing Repairs

The smallest water leak can cost you a lot of money for the damage if not caught early. While you can do minor plumbing repairs like replacing a faucet or changing a shower head, do not attempt to modify the plumbing system. Re-rooting your sewer pipes or extending hot water lines can get your house into trouble. If you are working with hot water, you will need copper pipes that require a blowtorch. Therefore, if you do not have serious welding experience, you should leave the torch work for the professionals. Plumbing repairs may not be as dangerous as electric work, but if they get out of hand, they will cause expensive damage.

5. Electrical Repairs

All projects that involve electricity should be done with extreme caution. Yes, you can perform minor repairs like installing a ceiling fan or changing a light switch, but you should ensure you turn off the power before you start. To ensure there is no current, you should test the switch or whatever you are dealing with against the breaker first. Or better yet, you simply turn off the master switch. However, if the electrical repair is beyond a simple fixture, it is wise to call in a professional electrician. Some electrical repairs need a permit to be done, and a professional electrician will be your only choice. Electrical repairs such as replacing or extending circuits are very dangerous if you are not an expert in what you are doing. A single miscalculated move can lead to your house burning down or shock, which can cause injury or, worse, death.

Paying a professional and these times where every penny counts can seem a little inconveniencing to funds meant for other purposes. However, for the above-listed home repairs, you should not try doing them yourself as they can put you and your family in danger.

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