Creating and managing a Twitter account can be a daunting task for both novice and experienced bloggers. When an account has a large number of active users it will help a lot in driving traffic to your site. A click-through rate of 1-5% is not uncommon. It depends on the quality of your followers. Now if your account has 1000 followers, it is not difficult. Each tweet you send gets between 10 and 50 views, each of which is of higher quality than the tweets you might get from stumbling or digging.

The problem is getting to the point where you have thousands of high value and active users on your every word. The key to getting there is patience. This may seem like a bug. But if you have thousands of visitors or you already have a large network you may not be able to focus on your Twitter account in the first place, although the good news is that you can automate Twitter. So you only need ten minutes a day to manage your account. In other words “just set it and forget it”

User authentication:

There are several steps that a new buy twitter likes with paypal account owner should take to get followers. Uploading a featured photo is required first. Twitter users want to prove you’re real. Not only spammer and unique user icon is a good indicator. Uploading the site’s logo, your photos, or something funny is a great way to show that you’re genuine and have great content to share.

Second, you should write a line or two of your bio. You don’t need to provide any real information or anything. The only requirement is that you use the correct syntax. The idea is to show that you are not a spammer. And because many spammers do not have a good command of English. So this is a great indicator for potential followers.

To automate your tweets:

To minimize your time spent on social media boosters, automating your tweets is essential. There are useful tools and blogging plugins to make your life easier. A simple Google search on Tweet Auto brings up great services like Tweet Manager. Tweet Manager is only required for the auto-follow feature. But it also allows you to schedule tweets and send mass messages to your followers.

Tweeting all your blog posts is essential to increase web traffic. Wordpress and Blogger Like Post to Twitter plugin automatically publishes the title and URL of each blog post when it is first published. Some services allow you to use link shorteners like, but I want my original SEO-optimized URL to be visible just based on personal preference. Find your blogging service for the Tweet Post tool that best suits your blog.

Seed Followers:

Potential followers will encounter you randomly in three ways. through your website or their networks. There’s not much you can do to attract casual customers. And if you don’t have a lot of web traffic you probably won’t attract customers this way. What you can do is build an initial network of followers to increase your chances of being discovered. Basically, you need to find out who lives in your niche and follow them all and then unfollow them every few days. That’s the advice most Twitter experts will give you, however, there are some dirty tricks on the web. The biggest dirty trick is to automatically follow a Twitter account, such as the aptly named Auto Follow Account. Automatically track who you follow.

Accounts are often a great way to attract those important first followers.

Full game:

Ultimately, you want to start using Twitter more actively. The crockpot approach only goes so far. Activities like Follow Friday require you to have a network of high quality users who generally want to see more of your tweets than auto tweets can. But in the beginning, at least for the first few thousand followers, this approach is likely to be very successful.

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