Why hair serum is applied, find out its benefits and how to use it.

Right way to use Hair Serum : It is very useful for good for hair but while applying it in the hair, it is important to take care of some things, otherwise, you do not get the benefit of it. Hair serum is made using silicone which acts as a hair tonic for the hair and it protects the hair from the effects of Sun Heat and Pollution. Makes hair smooth, removes dryness, prevents hair damage and helps in increasing hair shine. It makes hair look very shiny and healthy and it is very important to know the right way to apply hair serum, only then you can get to its full benefits. You know the benefits of hair serum, now know here the right way to apply hair serum.

Apply to clean hair

Hair serum adds a protection layer to your hair, which protects your hair from damage caused by sun heat and pollution etc. Therefore, always use it on clean hair. Apply hair serum only after shampooing the hair.

4 to 5 drops is enough

You do not have to apply a lot of hair serum like oil. Only 4 to 5 drops are enough to apply it. Put 4 to 5 drops of hair serum on the palms, rub the palms together and after that apply the serum from the length of the hair to the end. While applying the serum, divide the hair into two parts.

The quantity may be more or less according to the length of the hair.

While applying serum, keep in mind that serum is applied in small quantity. 4 to 5 drops are enough for an average length. But if your hair is very long or very short, then its quantity can be a little more or less.

Don’t forget to apply on the scalp

The way you massage the scalp while applying oil to the hair, do not make the mistake of using a serum. The serum is applied on the hair and not on the scalp. Applying serum on the scalp will make your hair sticky. In this case, you may need to shampoo the next day itself. Serum should be applied from where your hair hangs down from the head.

Benefits Of Hair Serum & How To Use It Right

Everyone around you never gets tired of talking about the properties of hair serums, after which you too have started wondering what is this hair serum after all! If you are also thinking of buying a hair serum, then it is important to know about its advantages and disadvantages. With this, you will be able to understand their scientific characteristics properly and take advantage of a good beneficial product.

What is Hair Serum? – What Is Hair Serum?

Like skin serums, hair serums are formulated with active ingredients so that it can penetrate deep into your hair. Hair serums are used to control frizz in your hair, set the hairstyle and protect it from environmental aggressors.

While the oil nourishes the scalp from within, the serum acts on top. You can take these as a quick fix, or they can be a replacement for your conditioner.

Hair Serum For Different Hair Types – Hair Serum For Different Hair Types

Hair serums are primarily silicone-based products [1] that coat your hair, smoothing out its frizz. Therefore, you should use a hair serum keeping in mind the type of your hair.

1. Oily Hair

It is generally said about people who have oily hair that they should not use hair serum, although this is not the case at all. Those with oily hair can also apply hair serum on their hair but they should use a hair serum with a light formula. These people should use hair serum with light ingredients like Grape Seed, and Aloe Vera on their hair.

Never apply hair serum more than necessary on your hair. If you have thin or oily hair, you need a pea-sized amount of serum. If your hair is a bit thick and dry, you may need a little more hair serum than this.

2. Dry Hair – Dry Hair

People with dry and frizzy hair should use a hair serum that contains ingredients like rosewood, castor and marula. All these provide intense hydration to your hair. You can also apply the cream-based serum on your hair. Leave it in the hair overnight, it reduces dryness.

Normal Hair

People with normal hair can use any type of hair serum on their hair.

How To Use Hair Serum

When to apply hair serum?

One of the main benefits of hair serum is to provide protection against pollution. Hair serum should be applied on fresh, washed and wet hair. In this way it forms a protective layer [2] on your hair.

2. How to Apply Hair Serum?

Start at the end of your hair and then move to the middle of your hair. Do not apply hair serum on your scalp as it makes your hair look oily and sticky. Remember that the ends of your hair need the most shine, so apply the serum there. Serums are a bit thick, so instead of rubbing it on your hair right away, leave it on your palm for 5-6 seconds. This will liquefy the hair serum, make it soft and glides smoothly on your hair.

3. How much to invest?

4. Myths and Truths

It is believed that thin hair does not need a serum as it makes the hair look flat. The truth is that anyone can use a hair serum on their hair. If you have thin or oily hair, apply a serum with a light formula. Use a hair serum with a heavy and ultra moisturizing formula only if you have very dry hair.

Benefits Of Applying Serum In Hair – Benefits Of Hair Serum In Hindi

Hair serums benefit your hair in many ways, the main ones being –

1. Smooth’s dry hair

Who likes dry hair? Along with looking rough, they also look lifeless. In such a situation, a great hair serum leaves your hair soft and smooth along with giving it the necessary nourishment.

2. Works to bring shine to the hair

Everyone usually has the same goal regarding their hair, to keep hair healthy and shiny. In such a situation, hair serum helps you to bring shine to your hair. You should polish your hair with a shine-enhancing hair serum as the finishing touch to add shine to your hair and fight frizz.

3. Controls Fridge

Are you worried about the frizz in your hair and thinking that you need to get a haircut now? Or if you need to get a hair spray, you should try a hair serum. A great hair serum nourishes and repairs frizzy hair.

4. Settles Hair

If your hair is very dry, you will hardly be able to run your fingers through your hair. And whenever you touch your hair, you feel rough and tangled. In such a situation, just a few drops of hair serum can make your hair soft and supple.

5. Repairs Hair Damage

When you use hair styling products or apply color to your hair, it starts to deteriorate from the inside. Your hair gets rid of the natural oil. In such a situation, using a hair serum is an easy way to restore the moisture from your hair.

6. Protection from Humidity

Does your hair go from flower to flower every time you step out of the house? If your answer is yes, then it means that the humid weather outside is taking a toll on your hair. Your hair type also plays an important role in this, but you cannot change that. Yes, you can manage it by how you protect your hair from artificial heat or humidity. This is where the hair serum comes in handy.

7. Protects hair from environmental pollution

You leave the house almost daily. Just as the pollution outside affects your skin, it affects your hair in the same way. Your hair tends to look lifeless and sometimes strange. In this situation, you should clean your hair and apply hair serum on it. Your lifeless hair will soon recover.

Do Hair Serums Have Side Effects? – Does Hair Serum Have Side Effects In Hindi?

Hair serums are specially formulated for your hair shaft, not the roots. Keep in mind that the chemicals contained in serums can damage your hair if used for a long period of time. These can cause hair breakage and hair starts falling. Some hair serums dry out the hair. To avoid the side effects of hair serum, you should reduce the use of hair serum.

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